Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dear Sec.Clinton & Sen. Sanders

Good Afternoon;

One of you was a First Lady, US. Senator & Secretary of State, the other was a distinguished & innovative Mayor and a widely respected member of the House and now the Senate.

You are both smart, forward thinking and compassionate.  You both care about lifting all portions of the economy, you both support our troops, you are both pro-choice, pro health care and pro including the LGBT community in the full communion of the American dream.

One of you is going to face either Donald Trump or Raphael Cruz in the fall. It is going to take both of you to bring your supporters along in that battle.

So, do me a favor.

Knock it the fuck off.  Stop the bullshit.  Stop the name calling. Stop the "outrage".  Stop asking for "apologies" from each other.  Stop sending your surrogates onto TV to trash talk the other side and then sending someone else out to walk it back with back handed compliments.

Just stop it now!

Go back to battling about ideas and visions and issues.

You are both more qualified the any of the GOP contenders.  You both have better ideas.

Just stop, at long last I am begging you just stop.

You are pissing me off and you DO NOT WANT TO PISS OF Donald C. Flad Jr. It is not pretty and no one ever recovers from it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Your once and future supporter.


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