Friday, April 15, 2016

Maybe I am

A snob or an elitist

Another local blogger once said that I was the leader of the Snob voters of Bethlehem.  I don't fully remember the context of what he why he thought calling me that was an insult but I think it was because I had high expectations for candidates and office holders.  Or, I only support people who want to do what is best or it's just because I just want my candidates to run campaigns that don't rely on the low road or dumbing down things to attract votes.  Or, it was because I supported candidates he did not.

Tonight a person commented that I should rename this blog "The Neo Petite Bourgeoisie" she did not explain why so I have no idea what she was thinking when she posted it.

Perhaps I am a snob. I guess it depends on ones definition of what a snob is.  So, really whatever.

If someone wants to call me a snob but does not have the guts  to tell me why or even tell me who she really is I can't worry about it.

Not that I would anyway.

More snob opinions to come



  1. Rabbi Uri MecchlemenApril 19, 2016 at 4:05 AM

    Snob is a derogatory shorthand for one who likes to "slob knobs", which unless she is a lesbian or prude probably does herself so it's all a bit confusing.

    More importantly is the blogger you allude to has removed you from his blog roll which surely will hurt your number of views as his is the alpha and omega of Lehigh Valley blogs.

    Too bad Jim Gregory hasn't fired up his old Rumblings blog, that was a great read and there aren't too many Mensan Mediterranean manslabs who are as accessible and down to earth as the former Bethlehem city council pres and former radio host.

    I'm a snob when it comes to certain things, toilet paper, lubricant, snack cakes, and especially blogs which is why I enjoy yours so much as great minds think alike!

  2. Of course you have have to make childish sexual and homophobic comments.
    Do you really think you are clever, smart, witty or even that interesting.
    I do this for me and if people find it and read it fine.
    And, of course you are a pathetic coward hiding behind what I am sure is something you think is a clever antisemitic name. Why can't you add something interesting. You are not funny - I wish you were.

  3. Donald, I remove links to blogs that are inactive. I don't think I removed it for any other reason, but who knows? In any event, having seen that you are active again, I have restored the link to you. Yes, I called you a snob or elitist or whatever. I'm something of a snob myself. Though the reader above is insulting you, and succeeding, your views are important even when I disagree with them.

    1. Greetings Mr. O'Hare - I would have removed me as well for inactivity. Nice to hear from you