Sunday, April 17, 2016

Throwing Money at Hillary

The Sanders supporters thought they were oh so clever throwing dollar bills at the Hillary Clinton motorcade as it drove up to George Clooney's house for a multi-million dollar fundraiser.  They did it because they assumed the fundraiser was for her campaign.

The amount people paid for that event would have been illegal under current fundraising limits for a Presidential campaign.

So, what was Hillary Clinton doing at George Clooney's house?

She was raising money for the Democratic Party general election efforts.  I am sure her campaign picked up more that a few shekels for her own campaign but the big money went to the fall campaign.

If the non-Democrat Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic Party nomination he will  benefit from the fundraiser held at George Clooney's home.

Will he ask that the money Hillary Clinton has raised for the Democratic Party not be spent to benefit his efforts?

If you say yes you are beyond stupid.

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat but you know as well as I do he will be more than happy to let the money Hillary Clinton has raised for the party benefit his November efforts. Is he really that independent? Nothing in his political history tells me he is.

If Bernie Sanders really had any integrity he would have run for President as an Independent as a Democratic Socialist.  But, apparently Bernie Sanders really is just like any other opportunist politician.

So, throw your dollar bills at a limousine "True Liberals"  but really you should question why you are supporting just another expedient politician.

I like Bernie Sanders and I have for 30 years but let us just be honest about him.


  1. Pfff, ask Ralph Nader about how well a third party candidate is treated. Remember what the PA democrats illegally did to him back in 2004 ? Apparently Sanders has said many times in the past that the system is rigged , so I guess he was smart enough to know what to do and not run as an independent . It's nice to see Trump and Bern pissing off the elites in both camps. Satisfying.Tossing money at Hill? Why not?Maybe if they toss enough her way she will flip on her views again in their favor.Anyway, I think it's time to make it a little easier for other voices to be heard .A good place to start would be the stranglehold the repubs and demos have on the presidential debates . Heck, the Republican upper class might need these new rules in the near future so they can run third party if Trump walks away with it.

  2. I don't recall anything illegal - if it was illegal why were there no prosecutions?
    I wonder if they would have thrown dollars at a male candidate?
    I still think if Sander's was true to his words he would run as a true independent


    "Buried deep in the grand jury report, released last week, that led to the indictment of 12 people are details of what is described as a "massive" effort by House Democrats to oust the independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader from the ballot in 2004. Also, the report says, in 2006 the same machine fired up again to boot from the ballot Carl Romanelli, the Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate in a race won by Democrat Bob Casey."

    Quite a number of people were convicted in that bonusgate fiasco , a few were felonies .

    IDK about the money throwing thing.If it were Trump supporters I could at least see why you would bring it up .But Sanders main group are the younger collage kids who are far more sensitive to what I think you are implying .

    1. Linking the bi-partisan bonusgate investigation to the 2004 Presidential race and the 2006 Senate is such a stretch is is almost silly. Yes there were plenty of convictions and many were Republican did they help the Democrats steal the election from Ralph Nader?
      You should know about the throwing money and you should know about the sexist things the young Bernie Bros say and do and the rascist comments his supporters make. Why do you think it is you don't know about these things?

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  4. What is not silly is the fact they do that shit and get away with it.And people are getting fed up with this .Bern got smart.

    "Why do you think it is you don't know about these things"

    Probably because I don't watch CNN or MSNBC (or fox for that matter) I haven't watched anything on this incident till now , and I got to say that it looks like this is the only spin Hills people could put on it. It had to do with her being a shill . Man this hair trigger sexist/racist crap just ain't gonna work much longer. I do watch all kinds of stuff on youtube .I watch content that runs the gamut from left to right , though I usually try to find non partisan or independent sources . I do have respect for The Young Turks, a very popular very liberal show, and they just tore this story apart laughing at "The Clinton News Network " This is the most popular news channel on the internet , admittedly very left, and they are smashing them for even trying to call Sanders people any of these things.It refreshing.As far as the term "corporate whore" it has been around a long time .And if the shoe, well you know...

    1. Was HRC a corporate whore when she gave $10k to Sanders Senate campaign?