Friday, October 29, 2010

Marcia Hahn

The other night at a Nazareth Chamber of Commerce function I kissed a Republican and quite frankly I liked it.

I have voted for Republicans before. This may be a surprise to some but there comes a time when good government matters more than party. I can’t imagine a time that I would ever vote for a Republican for President but I have voted for Republicans for Governor and I may have voted for John Heinz for the Senate but I am not quite sure my memory serves me correctly.

I never voted for Bob Casey Sr. The year he was elected Governor I voted for Billy Scranton (in the primary I helped lead the Rendell campaign in the area) and when he was re-elected I voted for Barbara Hafer. It did not stop from attending the inauguration parties but I never voted for the man.

I voted for Bob Casey Jr only once but my other choice was Little Ricky Santorum. In all other Bob Casey Jr elections I could not vote for the Republican so I would write in Artquest President Jeff Parks. In 2006 I knew I had to vote against Santorum and did not want to risk the chance that my vote would allow that moron to stay in office so I held my nose and for the first time voted for a Casey. I am glad I did. Bob Casey Jr has turned out to be an admirable Senator and someone I will actively support in 2012.

2009 was an awful year for Northampton County Democrats; we lost control of County Council. Of the contested races I only had 3 winners and two of them were Republicans, Judge Michael Koury was the only Democrat to win. My other winners were County Council Woman Peg Ferraro; who I have been a supporter of for many years and Judge Craig Dally, a former State Representative. Peg is someone who has been able to transcend parties and work for what is best for the county. Craig Dally has been a Republican who thrived and succeeded in a district that should have been represented by a Democrat and when he ran for judge his Democratic State House Colleagues supported him.

Judge Dally was succeeded in the State House by former aide Marcia Hahn. I have gotten to know Rep. Hahn over the past few years and if lived in her district not only would I vote for her but I would be out campaigning for her. I may not agree with her on some of the broader political issues and her Republican philosophies may often oppose my views of the world but I really like her.

Rep. Hahn is committed to constituent services; she is committed to working with her Democratic colleagues for what is best for the region and she is committed to making government more open, more transparent and more about the people.

The State House opens every daily session with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, Rep. Hahn makes a point to attend each opening because she believes it is an important symbol and she believes it is the right message to send. There are times when she finds herself there with few other Representatives but it is important to her to honor the traditions. This helps her to keep focused on the reasons she ran for office in the first place. Locally there have been other staffers who have succeeded their bosses in office and have become imperious and cocky, Marcia Hahn is determined to not allow that to happen to her and I am convinced she will remain accessible and constituent focused no matter how long she chooses to stay in office.

The people of the 138th District are lucky to have Marcia Hahn as their State Representative; she is smart, she has great sense of humor, she is warm and personable, she has a firm grasp of the issues and she really cares about the people she represents. She is the embodiment of what a Representative should be. Charlie Dent should use Marcia Hahn as a role model to find his way back home.

Rep. Hahn has captured both the Republican and Democratic nominations for office and she deserves it. If I lived in the Slate Belt I would be proud and honored to cast a vote for Marcia Hahn.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Guest Blogger: More Faith Than Trust

I am pleased to welcome my dear friend Silagh as a guest blogger today. When she was looking for a forum to share these thoughts I quickly offered her space here. I hope this is not going to be be Silagh's only visit as a GB. As always your thoughts and comments are welcome.

I'm honored to bring my thoughts to this incredible forum. Over the last few months, Donald has offered deep insights into his values that are reflected in his support of local politicians. I'm moved by his unwavering support of John Callahan as the next representative of Pennsylvania's 15th congressional district. My vote counts as much as any person. I'm right in line behind Donald with whom I wish to represent me, and my fellow citizens of the Lehigh Valley; John Callahan. My statements here are not a reflection of any organization with which I am affiliated. I offer these thoughts as a private citizen; as the rights and privileges of the United States Constitution offer me.

Last week, I attended a small celebration, "Lights On, Doors Open" in South Bethlehem. It was at the Fowler Center of the Hispanic Council on East Fourth Street. The celebration was in line with the national campaign to raise awareness of the importance of after school programs. The hours of 3-6PM are when youth are more likely to get into trouble if they are not engaged and supported by these programs; especially if they come home to an empty house because their parents are still at work. I wrote about this in a post on the ArtsLehigh blog last March. The event was not only to celebrate the work that has been happening here, and with other non-profits in the Lehigh Valley, but to encourage support for it to sustain and grow.

Since it was less than two weeks away from the November 2nd election, ALL the local politicians were present: Dent, Boscola, Brennan, Samuelson, BASD Superintendent, and some members of the BASD School board. After a delightful performance from two of the program's young participants, the politicians took turns speaking. Congressman Dent was first. He said,
"I'm so happy to be here and thank you for the invitation to enjoy the celebration. But I must apologize that I have to leave early. My daughter is playing a field hockey game, and I'm sure you'll understand this priority. Thanks again."

While I understand wanting to be there for your kids, he could have AT LEAST said something about the desire to support more after school programs. Guess he doesn't. There was so much UNSAID that informs my level of faith in his understanding of ALL of his constituents. I'm not swayed by one appearance. I'm swayed by a voting record.

Boscola didn't have much to say about the program either. But she also had to run. She less than gracefully exited stage left soon after Dent.

Brennan's and Samuelson's statements were better. As parents, they both have kids who have been involved in after school programs. In fact, I've witnessed Samuelson volunteering at Pennsylvania Youth Theatre. My kids go to school with Brennan's kids. They played together at the afterschool program last year.

When Mayor Callahan entered the building during Samuelson's speech, he made his way over to me to shake my hand. Similar to what Donald wrote in a previous post, John makes me feel like a human being - not just a constituent. But he's not looking for rock star status. Callahan is attentive to all the people he meets. In this instance, he really understands the reasons why after school programs need to be. For 15 minutes, he shared with the crowd his personal story of being a Head Start kid - where speech therapists helped him with a rare impediment. He stayed involved with afterschool programs; sports, leadership, etc., because his home life was less than perfect. He credits much of his success from the teachers, coaches and mentors that looked out for him. But while there were programs for him, he still worked to make the most of this life - and now he wants to pay it forward. Mayor Callahan's leadership stands enough for me to have more faith in his him, than trust in Dent.

I'm an arts administrator with an irrational devotion to my children. I believe that if their peers are offered similar opportunities to what I work hard to provide mine, their world will be better to live in. I vote for candidates who reflect my values. My vote is for John Callahan. And I'm also voting to keep Brennan and Samuelson in office as well.

Dr. Silagh M Chiappetta White
Mother, Wife, Arts Administrator, Volunteer, Citizen.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bob Freeman Or Else

We were both true believers and we were convinced that against all odds our candidate for President would win, the future of the republic depended on it. I think we were right, if our candidate had won I truly believe the world would be a better place.

The year was 1972 and of course our candidate was George McGovern, my campaign buddy was Bob Freeman, he was 15 and I was 13. We knocked on doors, we licked stamps and placed them on envelopes, we sharpened pencils and we ran out and got coffee for the grownups (or at least I did). At 15 Bob was recognized as one of the rising stars of the Easton Democratic Party.

I have supported Bob in every campaign he has run except for one. He challenged sitting Democratic State Rep. James Prendergast in 1978 and I thought a good Democrat should not face a challenge in the primary. Bob forgave me and I have been an unflinching supporter of Bob Freeman ever since. It was Bob’s loss in 1994 that caused my self-imposed exile from active campaigning and party politics. It was a call from Bob that got me to work voting precincts in 2004 and 2006 but I would only hand out his flyers to the voters.

Bob supported me in my exile and we were not in as frequent contact as we were when I was more involved. During this time Bob met and married the amazing Terri and he honored me by asking me to escort his mother down the aisle.

Bob is the first person I came out to and way back then his unflinching support helped me as I evolved along the coming out process.

Bob Freeman is honest, dedicated, competent and effective and I challenge anyone to find someone who has spent as much time in public life as honorable and trustworthy as my old friend.

Our small cities/boroughs and neighborhoods are better served by the state government because of Bob Freeman and our green spaces are better protected because of Bob Freeman.

Agree or disagree with Bob’s view of the world there is no one (OK there are a few nut jobs) who will challenge his commitment to doing what is right and to doing the right thing for the people he represents. Bob does not care about your party or even if you voted for him, if you have a problem and if he can find a way to help you, he will.

This community, this state and this nation needs more people like Bob Freeman in office. We should consider ourselves lucky that we have the original.

If you think I am in the tank for John Callahan I will challenge you to duel to defend Bob Freeman.

If you live in the 136th District and you do not vote for Bob Freeman you are not only a fool but I firmly believe you hate your country.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Am Voting For John Callahan Because....

I had planned to set out some reasons why John Callahan should be elected to Congress. I had planned to review his proposals on the economy, on jobs and on the other issues of the day. I still may do that but the reason I am voting for John Callahan is that he is John Callahan.

I had decided to support my Mayor before he decided to announce. I was not even certain of many of his views, Bernie O’Hare challenged me on this fact but I had decided. As the campaign progressed I have become more certain that I made the right decision.

I knew I could not support Charlie Dent. Charlie Dent is a nothing, he has done nothing, he has accomplished nothing and he will be remembered for nothing. Charlie Dent has spent his entire adult life as an elected representative and yet he has done nothing to improve our lives. Charlie Dent in Harrisburg used to just go along to get along. In Congress Charlie Dent does whatever John Boehner tells him to do. Charlie Dent is low fat vanilla pudding, he is just there. I want more.

I have spent a lot of time around a lot of public office holders and candidates for public office and I have never seen someone who tackles these roles with as much joy and as much positive energy as John Callahan. During his first campaign for city council he impressed everyone with his drive. During his campaign for Mayor he took on the city establishment and quite frankly bitch slapped them. The Morganelli/Leeson/Schweder crowd has never forgiven him for not waiting his turn and they have never forgiven him for depending on the advice of the citizens of my city rather than their small group of good old boy elites. These guys thought that they were the chosen ones and the city government belonged to them. The voters of Bethlehem realized this gifted, talented and hard working young man held the keys to the future of Bethlehem not these sons of leaders past.

But, I digress.

John Callahan is so comfortable in his own skin. I recently attended a LGBT event in honor of John Callahan and I have never seen a straight guy so relaxed and so at ease in a room full of mostly gay guys. I have seen him with business and corporate executives and he dominated the room. I have seen him with young professionals and he was one of the kids (I’m old). I have seen him with the movers and shakers of the Arts community and he fit right in. He hung out with us during a Celticfest Pub Crawl and was treated like a rock star by many of the participants and seemed shocked by the attention. When Oprah Winfrey said that Barack Obama was “the one” she had clearly not ever met John Callahan.

Whenever Mayor Callahan sees me he never fails to greet me even if he has to walk across the room to do so. And, when we talk he ensures that I am the center of his attention for the time we are talking. I have observed him at many events over the past year and he treats everyone the same. As he speaks to people he treats them as if they are the most important person in his life, he does not look over the persons shoulder for someone more important and his eye contact is so focused it is almost uncomfortable. I have seen this trait in two of the other best and most successful political figures on the scene today; Ed Rendell and Bill Clinton. As they say on the street “The brother has mad skills.”

John Callahan entered politics because he wanted to give back to the community that supported him during his youth (see the post titled Mafalda Speaks). He wanted to improve his community, his city and now he wants to take that zeal to Washington to try to improve his nation. John Callahan had nothing handed to him; he has earned everything through hard work and dedication. Imagine a member of congress with a passion to try to make the system work for the betterment of his constituents rather than a congressman who votes against the interest of the working people and small business owners of the district because the man with a tan tells him to do so. I am convinced that Charlie Dent’s interest in congress is as a stepping stone to the US Senate not to aid and assist the people he represents.

Charlie Dent has tried to diminish the success of John Callahan in order to suppress the votes coming out of the Bethlehem area. I wonder why Charlie Dent has not discussed his own accomplishments during this campaign. Oh that’s right he has none so he has to try to sully the reputation of arguably the most successful mayor in Bethlehem’s history. Dent needs to convince people to vote against John Callahan in order to win. Imagine wanting to win an election based on people voting against your opponent rather than wanting to vote for you. This campaign has shown that Charlie Dent really has no shame and nothing is beneath him.
I am voting for John Callahan for his passion, for his intelligence, for his life story, for his vision and for his past successes. I am voting for John Callahan because I believe in him and I know that he will make me proud that I have voted for him.

Often voting is a lesser of two evils; in this year’s 15th Congressional district race there is only one lesser and it is not John Callahan.

I am voting for John Callahan and I am proud to casting this vote, this is a vote I want to cast, this is a vote I am honored to cast.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The VP In Town To Support John Callahan

I have been a big fan of Joe Biden for many years. He was the closest Pennsylvania had to a Democratic Senator. He was often called upon to lift our spirits, campaign for our candidates and raise money for our party both statewide & local. He had come to this area often to help us out and I will be always grateful for his support. You can take the man out of Pennsylvania but you can’t take the Pennsylvanian out of the Senator.

And, now this native son of Pennsylvania has again answered the call and has come to town not once but twice to support John Callahan for congress. The Vice President was one of the key players in advising Mayor Callahan to make this run and he promised Callahan that he would always be there for him and would support him throughout. I can’t think of a time when a sitting Vice President would campaign twice for a candidate in the same year. It takes a great deal of effort to get someone of this status to campaign for you once let alone twice. There are 435 Democrats running for house seats this year and Biden has campaigned for John Callahan twice. Clearly, Biden is a man of his word and clearly Biden and the national party thinks that John Callahan can still win this race.

Joe Biden is the last or at least one of the last of dying breed of politician. He is humble, he is not wealthy, he believes in something greater than himself, he can speak without a teleprompter, he is blunt and he is honest. If I were the leader of the Democratic Party or at least President of The United States, Joe Biden would never be home. He would be out on the road talking to people, because no one speaks American better than Joe Biden. There is not a politician out there who speaks to and for the American people with in more sincere and genuine manner than Joe Biden. He is a natural and he is genuine and the American people are responding to him and it may be because of Joe Biden the Democrats defy the experts and maintain majorities in both houses of congress.

His life story, the arc of his career and how he leads his life should be the acid test for what an elected representative should be. Office holders should aspire to lead the exemplary public life. He has not had a drink since college, he never became part of the Washington scene; he took the train home every night to be with his family and he has never profited from his years in congress and has consistently been reviewed as one of the poorest members of congress.

In his talk Monday night one of the most moving portion was when he said the “longest walk a person can take is that walk up the stairs to tell his/her child that daddy /mommy has lost their job and things are going to change”. He spoke about his father having to do that very thing. He spoke with great passion about taxes, budgets, economic policy, foreign policy, family, Wall Street, Main Street, small business, banking and the fact that we can’t return power back to the party that drove this nation into a ditch.

I have heard from folks who attended both this event and the Clinton event a few weeks ago and they have told me that Joe Biden made a better case for electing John Callahan.

The Vice President’s words have inspired me to redouble my efforts to elect John Callahan to congress and his words have given me hope.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Constitution Trumps

I am supporting the President’s position on DADT. Yes I am.


Because the Constitution of this nation trumps everything else and because we are a nation of laws we must follow the proper and legal process for making laws. If a law needs to be changed the Constitution is very clear as to how to change it.

The Congress of the United States makes/changes the laws.

The President of the United States does not make the laws he enforces them. The President has been pretty clear in his support for changing DADT but he is required by the constitution to defend this nation and its laws.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is the law of the land, it was passed overwhelmingly by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President of the United States.

There are those who have called on the President to void the law via executive order and he can do just that. I hope he does not. All of us on the left who were critical of Bush for all the executive orders he signed to not enforce the laws written by Congress would prove ourselves to be hypocrites if we now support a President for doing the same thing. I try very hard to be consistent and I am going to remain consistent on this issue despite my urgent and passionate desire to see the law changed. It would be easy for me to turn on the President and not support him on this but then I would be no better than the Republicans who did not care about the reckless spending by Reagan, Bush and Bush and now criticize Obama for reckless spending with almost violent language.

I have made it very clear that the big four issues for me now are LGBT issues; void Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, void Defense Of Marriage and allow Gays and Lesbians to get married, adding LGBT to the Employment Non-discrimination laws and adding violence against LGBT people to the federal hate crime laws.

These laws/changes must happen but it must be done correctly and within the structures of what the constitution spells out. If I am allowed full citizenship via an executive order rather than through the law the next President can just void this President’s executive order and I am back where I started from; nowhere.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Said She

In a previous life I spent a lot of time on the road for work. It was my habit to go to the hotel pool at the end of the day and swim about an hour’s worth of laps before dinner. During one of my trips to Houston the hotel had a complimentary cook out once a week. It was a BYOB affair. Somehow I missed this announcement. When I went down for my swim I found the pool area full of good ole boys drinking beer and eating BBQ. I really needed those laps so I just dove in. As I was getting out of the pool and heading back to my room a group of the guys invited me to join them for dinner around the pool. They had more than enough beer and bourbon.

During the evening they pointed out how skinny I was, they noticed my really expensive/interesting hair cut, they asked why I read Vanity Fair (I brought it to the pool to read while I dried off), they commented on my board shorts and the fact that I ate my BBQ with a knife and fork. But, they thought I was really funny even though I spoke too fast, was too much of Democrat and a few of them were surprised I was not Jewish.

About three hours later I am sitting in the hot tub, smoking a cigar and talking about life on the road with some of these good old boys. One of them asked me how my little woman was able to put up with this time apart and how or if I was able to keep faithful.

I said that she is just great and understands that this is what I have to do and that the faithful part is not difficult because when I get home it is all worth it.

Yes, I said she.

Why did I do that?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why Marriage Matters

Let me tell you a little story

There is this guy living in Allentown, his name is Chris, I have known Chris his whole life. Chris works hard; pay’s his taxes, votes, loves his family and has a lot of great friends. Chris was building a life with a great guy named Mike. Mike died suddenly a year ago.

Chris was in bed and he heard a sound and a thud in the bathroom, he rushed in to find Mike on the floor dyeing. Chris called the 911 and as Mike was being taken to the hospital, Chris was put in a police car and taken to the police station so an investigation could take place to ensure there was no foul play. Mike died alone in the hospital his life partner Chris was alone at the police station. An officer came in to the room to tell Chris that Mike had died and that he was cleared so he could go home. I don’t recall now if the police brought him home or if Chris’s parents came to pick him up. Imagine what the neighbors thought when they saw these two men being taken out of the apartment.

Mike was just coming out of the shadows of the closet, despite that fact that he and Chris were building a life together Mike was not quite strong enough or comfortable enough to list Chris as a beneficiary on any of his insurance or retirement paper work and there was no will. The only proof that these two men had a life together was the matching rings they wore.

The county could not release Mike’s body to Chris. The county had to place an article in the newspaper looking for a next of kin and after 72 hours of waiting Chris was given access to Mike’s remains. A next of kin was found; a miserable old woman who Mike had not been in contact with since the mid 90’s, she was Mike’s Aunt. She released Mike’s body to Chris and his family under one condition; she would not be asked to contribute to the cost of the funeral otherwise “The County could dispose of him as they would any pauper”. Chris’s sister dealt with the county on his behalf and said Chris wanted nothing from her he just wanted Mike’s body so he could complete Mike’s wishes.

Mike worked with Chris’s brother and the people at work went into overdrive and took care of all the details for the reception after the memorial service, employees from other locations came to cover the workplace so anyone who wanted to attend the memorial service could. Close to 150 people attended the very casual service. Mike was not very religious but the service was held in the social hall of Chris’s family’s church.

The funeral home understood the situation and really went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the Mike’s urn could be present for the service and they also understood that Chris would have to engage an attorney in order to gain access to Mike’s estate to cover the costs of the funeral and other debts they incurred together.

Under Pennsylvania laws Chris was not entitled to Mike’s estate because there was no will nor was he listed on the beneficiary paperwork. The only person entitled to that money is the Aunt that Mike despised because she was the next of kin. Chris was appointed executor and was able to pay expenses from the estate and he was allowed to collect a small fee for holding that post but that process took so long that Chris had front the money for the bill for the funeral home.

Yes, a lot of this mess could have been avoided had Mike had the courage to add Chris to his paperwork. It should not take courage to do that but in this country it takes courage to live an open and honest life. It was another step out of the closet and unless you have had to take those steps you will never know the courage it takes. If Chris and Mike had been allowed to get married, instead of having to settle for matching bands, the Aunt would not be listed as next of kin, Chris would have.

Chris, his family and friends miss Mike dearly everyday and are still scarred and somewhat embittered by what Chris has had to endure. Chris’s brother is particularly angry and frustrated by what he witnessed and his brother’s pain because he knows unless he crosses every “T” and dots every “I” he will go through the same thing. Chris’s brother has been in a stable and monogamous and affirming relationship with the same man for almost 27 years but his government does not recognize it as legitimate. As a result Chris’s brother and his partner have very clear wills and have listed each other as primary beneficiaries on all financial paper work.

I am Chris’s brother.

This is why marriage is important and this is why I will become a single issue voter if I have too. Living life in the shadows is not an option for me; living life without the full rights and privileges of the majority is not an option for me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yes, I Am Voting For John Callahan Because It Is About Me

In his comments to my last post Bernie O’Hare warned me against basing my decision to vote for John Callahan based solely on one issue. I have never been a single issue voter but the issues I addressed in my last post are about to become make or break issues for me.

Throughout my long political involvement I always allowed LBGT issues to get pushed aside, I was always willing to compromise and then support candidates who support for my civil rights and my right to be a full citizen in this country is at best tepid.

I supported the greater good for the rest of society while I accepted my rights to considered an afterthought or something that would be gotten around too when the timing is right. I have concluded that the timing will never be right.

I want the leaders that I vote for, the men and women I give my money, my time and my efforts to lead on my behalf.

I support a woman’s right to choose, I support strong public schools, I support the right of unions to organize. I support affirmative action; I believe the government needs to do more for the poor, the young and the elderly. I believe in climate change and support candidates who want to do something about it. I support investing in our cities and preserving our farmlands and green spaces. I believe in comprehensive immigration reform.

I support your right to burn the flag and I support your right to own and use a gun. I support your right to hate me because of who I love. I support your right to worship who, what, where and when you want. I support human rights, I support the peace movement and I support our troops. I give to the boy scouts; I give to food banks and animal shelters. I have tried to imagine what it like to have walked in the shoes of everyone out there, to understand where you are coming from so I can support your right to exist and your right to your opinion.

And yet, every election I am asked to support people who are not truly willing to support me. I want to get married; I want to not have to read about 13 year old boys killing themselves because some asshole called them gay. I want the word gay to no longer be a bad word, I want gay to no longer be a joke or punch line anymore.

I am tired of coming out of the closet over and over it again. You straight folks have no idea how demeaning it is to have to explain and or justify yourself to people who are not really worthy of it. How do you think I feel every time someone asks me about my wife because I wear a band on my ring finger? Really people; a tall, thin, well spoken, well read, well dressed 51 year old man is not married for a reason.

So, my friend Bernie when I find a candidate who has embraced me and this issue the way John Callahan has I am going to support him. Yes, Bernie for the first time in my very long involvement in politics this election is going to be about me and I am voting for John Callahan.

Do you really think by carrying the water for John Boehner, Charlie Dent really has your interest at heart?

You can visit Bernie's blog by clicking on the link for Lehigh Valley Ramblings

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Election Is About Me (and I am voting for John Callahan)

I have made no secret of my support for my Mayor in his quest to become our next Congressman. This begins a series of postings explaining why.

John Callahan cares about me.
· John Callahan will co-sponsor the reintroduction of ENDA (Employment Non Discrimination Act) and he has vowed to actively support it.
· John Callahan will co-sponsor the legislation that died this week in the Senate to overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.
· John Callahan has pledged to ensure the Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes Legislation is enforced and will support its reauthorization.
· John Callahan will support legislation that grants same sex couples the same legal rights that heterosexual couples receive.
· John Callahan will work for equal treatment for the LGBT community with immigration issues.

Are these just promises? I think not.

This is what John Callahan has accomplished as Mayor of Bethlehem.
· Bethlehem under the leadership of John Callahan offers health care benefits to all city employees and their families. Not just the straight ones.
· Bethlehem allows the same-sex partners of city employees’ to be eligible as pension beneficiaries.
· John Callahan has introduced and anti-discrimination ordinance that will establish a Human Relations Commission which will protect my LGBT community. The Pennsylvania law will not protect me but my Mayor has decided that his city will.

Let’s take a moment to look at Charlie Dent’s record while not representing me in Washington.
· Charlie Dent voted against the Matthew Sheppard legislation
· Charlie Dent voted against ENDA. Because of Charlie Dent I can get fired because of who I love.
· Charlie Dent voted to amend the Constitution of the United States to define marriage. The constitution of this country grants rights Charlie Dent voted to amend the constitution to deny rights.

Let me say this very clearly:


This election is about me and I am supporting John Callahan for Congress and I ask you to do the same.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Take A Moment

Take a moment to think about Tyler Clementi.
He was the young man who jumped off the George Washington Bridge the other day.

Tyler jumped off the bridge because his college roommate decided to live web stream him having sex with another guy.

Take a moment to think about what Tyler’s life was like those last few days before he decided that it just was not worth living.

Tyler was 18 and in his first year in college. He was living his life and he was living his sexuality. His disgusting roommate and a sick friend decided it would be a hoot to show the world Tyler’s sexual activity.

By many news accounts Tyler was brilliant young man and an accomplished musician.
When Tyler found out what these two foul pigs had done to him, he decided his only coping option was not too cope at all. He decided that his life was not worth living if he had to endure this kind of humiliation.

I came out to my family in 1982 – I was 23 (I knew about 15 years earlier) and it all went very well but for many of my peers it was no walk in the park. A lot has changed over the last 30 years and we have been led to believe that this younger generation does not have the hang ups that my friends and their families had. The MSM has led us to believe that being gay is no big deal to the younger generation. Tyler’s foul roommate and his pig friend clearly did not get the message of hope and change.

Take a moment to think about what would have caused these two bottom dwellers to do this.
But, don’t think about them for too long; don’t waste your Karma on such disgusting life forms. Instead think about Tyler’s family. Think about the other young men on these webcasts. Think about how painful those last few hours of Tyler’s life were like.

I will think about Tyler Clementi a lot for the rest of my life.

It is up to G-D to forgive Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei. I will never be a good enough person to forgive them. I hope every day they live will be as painful for them as the last few days Tyler’s were for him.

Take a moment to think about Tyler.