Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bethlehem Conversations About Bob Donchez

I attended the annual Bethlehem Library fundraiser at the Sand's Mall last night and as usual I spent a lot of time listening in on other peoples conversations.

Bethlehem is in the midst of a hot and heavy Democratic Mayoral Primary and since there is no Republican candidate the Democratic Primary is the election for our next Mayor.

I heard these two conversations

"I really hate that the Mayor's race is so nasty"
"It's only nasty because of Donchez"

Another one

"I don't know what happened to Bobby  (Donchez) but this campaign is so not like him"
"He is taking orders from Morganelli and Leeson"
"But, Bobby has never been like this it is so strange to see this coming from him"
"It is a typical Morganelli nasty campaign"
"So, will Donchez be Mayor or Morganelli?"


  1. It's not as bad as you pundit's make it out to be, we've all seen worse.

    Oh, and it''s politics...

    1. Thanks for commenting - I did not realize I was a pundit - I just thought I was a guy with an opinion and keyboard.

      Yes we have seen worse but does that make Mr. Donchez campaign OK?

      I am not sure what "Oh, and it's politics" mean? Or what do you mean by it?

  2. They can't defend the indefensible, so they try to down play it as "Politics" or "it's a spirited campaign".

    1. Thanks so much for commenting - Do you mean the Donchez folks defending their campaign? If so, you are right