Friday, May 17, 2013

Something Silly From Bob Donchez

The latest Donchez campaign mailer claiming that J William Reynolds is not a TRUE Democrat and Bob is The Real Democrat is so laughable and may be the silliest campaign flier of the season.

It is yet another example that there is no limit to how low Bob Donchez will go. There is clearly nothing beneath him and mailer smacks of desperation.

Is this really the man we want to be our Mayor as the city moves into a new era?

Is this really the man we want to succeed John Callahan?  Clearly he doesn't think so.

Bethlehem...We can do better - We need to continue moving forward. We need a Mayor who will unite us to face the challenges of the future.

 And, that is not Bob Donchez.

It is Willie Reynolds.


  1. Bob will be the next Mayor of Bethlehem!

    Maybe Willie's day will come, but not in 2013

    1. Thank you for commenting - you may be right you may be wrong - We will find out Tuesday night. I am interested as to what hard evidence and facts you have to base your prediction

  2. If the younger candidate had to wait "until his time comes" because the elder one deserves to be elected, we would not have John Kennedy, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama as president.

    Frank Baran
    Bethlehem, PA

    1. Thank you for commenting Frank - You are correct - we also would not have had Mayor Gordon Mower, Don Cunningham or John Callahan.