Friday, May 3, 2013

Bethlehem Councilperson Dolan Takes A Stand For Her City

Like many voters in my fair city Ms. Dolan is disgusted with the tone the Bob Donchez for Mayor campaign has taken.

What makes this statement even more significant is that Karen Dolan is running for re-election.  She has the integrity to stand up for her city and stand firm to her convictions even though it may cost her votes from the Morganelli/Leeson/Donchez old boys network wing of the Democratic party.

Bethlehem needs a mayor with vision, it needs a mayor with ideals and it needs a mayor for all the people - Bob Donchez is proving that he is not going to be that mayor.

This is the statement from Councilperson Dolan, few people in the city could have said it better or with greater clarity or from greater experience.

Every time I discuss the mayor's race with someone I hear but "Bob Donchez is such a nice guy".  Is he?


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