Wednesday, May 29, 2013

John Callahan, Hope, Willie Reynolds and Me.

I waited a week to review this past local primary because I wanted to be sure I calmly thought things through.  Something I did not always do during the heat of the campaign. 

Part 1

This was the most I allowed myself to be engaged in a campaign since State Rep. Bob Freeman's Campaign for the State Senate in 1994.  I dabbled, I commented, I worked the polling places or did some election day GOTV but I had not jumped in feet first since then.

So, why did I do it this year?
John Callahan
And, somehow Willie Reynolds took over.

John Callahan:
If John Callahan would stop running for office I would stop wanting to ensure he was elected.  I can't resist wanting to help the single best politician I have met in years and more importantly one who lives up to his potential and tries with everything he has to make the lives of the people who entrusted him with public office better.

I have discussed this before - Election day gives me hope and even when the results do not go the way I wanted I never give up in my belief in this great republic.

Willie Reynolds
I was willing to sit back - work for the sure bet (John Callahan) and vote for Willie because he was not the establishment, good ole boy network chosen one.  At first I ended spending more time and thought and effort on Willie's campaign because of the disgusting campaign against him but the more I got to know Councilman Reynolds the more I came to believe he had the vision, the vigor, the stomach and the energy to keep my city moving forward.  I still do.

Councilman Reynolds and a couple of other young guys who wanted to make their communities better lost and I have to say that I am bitterly disappointed.  The voters missed an opportunity to elevate the conversation about the issues facing our area.  Alfonso Todd in Allentown and Frank Hesch in Northampton County were the type of candidates who should run for office and the type of young people who we need to serve in public office.

But, I still believe in a place called hope... As far as Bethlehem is concerned  I believe that there is so much momentum that things will keep moving forward and opportunities for growth will keep happening.

To be continued
Part 2; I love politics but campaigns bring out the best and worst in me.

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