Sunday, May 19, 2013

Donchez Convincing Folks To Vote for Reynolds

Three very thoughtful postings about the upcoming Bethlehem Mayoral primary.

I am honored and privileged to call these three folks my friend.

They are fun to chat with.

They are a delight to argue with.

They are a riot to have a drink (and solve the world problems) with.

And, they are some of the best people I know.

I was the first Reynolds for Mayor supporter among them and I worked hard to convince them.

But, it was Mr. Donchez and Mr. Reynolds who convinced them to vote for Mr. Reynolds.


  1. I've heard this from others too. I think Donchez would have won this race with about 53-55% of the vote without the negatives. Now I bet he finishes just under 50%.

    1. Thanks for commenting and reading - Bethlehem has always hated negative campaigns for Mayor so I actually think Reynolds will win. He has the support of the current party activists and is winning over the fence sitters. But, I have no hard evidence. In a two person race the person who finishes below 50% loses (I think)

    2. Donald, how can you claim that "Bethlehem has always hated negative campaigns for Mayor? The most recent "negative" mayoral campaign was run by John Callahan agains Jim DelGrosso. Jim sat back and watched as Callahan chopped his head off while his 30% lead in the polls shrank...he refused to fight back at the urging of his campaign team which consisted of Jay Leeson, John Morganelli and Bob Donchez. I think it made him look weak and raised concern among voters about his ability to lead the city. Donchez learned a valuable lesson back then.

      Only difference is Reynolds and team whined enough about it to gain sympathy. I believe that is what has help Reynolds cut the gap between him and Donchez. Had DelGrosso started whining, or fighting back instead of sitting on his ass while getting pummeled with negative mail, Callahan might still be delivering viagra samples. With that being said, politics is a contact sport and my vote will be for Donchez (Mayor) and Callahan (Executive).

    3. Thank you for reading and commenting

      There is always some negative in politics and I can accept that and I expect that and I have done that but when your campaign in nothing but negative (Bob Donchez) it is another story.

      I also find it amusing that those of you who are Donchez supporter always say "Well John Callahan did it too..& he did it to Jim DelGrosso" - I hear it so often now that it seems like a talking point scripted by Bob Donchez's benefactors to run away from how disgusting the Donchez campaign has been. The Callahan campaign was nothing compared the the one Donchez and those who will benefit from his winning have run

      Willie has made very little mention of this except when asked. I have made more of a fuss than Willie - I was perfectly content to sit back and just Vote for Willie but it was Bob Donchez who prompted me to speak out as I have.

  2. The proof will be told tomorrow and all of you political talking heads and your bs rhetoric will come to an end.

    Bob Donchez will win and you will either bury your head in the ground or be part of the continued forward movement that Bethlehem has going for it.

    Your adding negativity and bitchyness will make you even more bitchy!

  3. Thank You for commenting

    Trying to figure how I can be a talking head on a written blog.

    After tomorrow I will move on to other topics and continue to offer them here on my blog.

    My concern with this election is about moving Bethlehem forward.

    Calling me names while hiding is certainly brave of you.

    Again, thank you for reading.
    Donald Flad (from my droid)

  4. 54 - 46 Bob Donchez

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have never understood people who comment and then don't say who they are.

  5. 52 - 48 either way now lets all come together and keep moving the City of Bethlehem forward!