Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Voting For.......

Voting is about hope!

These folks give me hope!

For Northampton County Executive  ---> John Callahan
He has been an extraordinary Mayor - the changes and growth in Bethlehem over the last 10 years will be stuff of legend.  John has not done it alone and he never has claimed it but it was his leadership.  He knows how government can work for the people as well as for business and he knows how government can create opportunities.  He has run a positive campaign that has focused on what we can do together to move the county forward.  John may very well be the best and most passionate politician I have ever met.  Combine him with his amazing wife the future is so bright we may all need shades to watch his next act in politics.

For Mayor of Bethlehem ----> J William Reynolds
I have blogged a great deal about how disgraceful Bob Donchez has been but I have said very little about why I am voting for Willie Reynolds.  I am voting for Mr. Reynolds because I have gotten to know Mr. Reynolds, I have discussed the future of our city with him and I believe he is best suited to take over from John Callahan.  Willie Reynolds is engaged, he is smart, he is driven and he really cares about the issues I care about and he really cares about this city.  I have not doubts - I believe in  J William Reynolds.

For Allentown City Council ----> Alfonso Todd
I don't have a real dog in this hunt - Allentown is Allentown but ALLENTOWN you have an opportunity to make a real change this year.  I have gotten to know Alfonso through my activity as a Board Member of the Nazareth - Bath Chamber of Commerce.  I wish I could vote for Alfonso.
He as set up educational opportunities for ex prisoners and "At Risk Youth" to develop skills to create their own businesses and opportunities.
He is an entrepreneur who has developed and on-line magazine and and really terrific on-line radio station.
But, I am supporting Alfonso Todd because he believes in community, he believes in people and he believes that together we can improve our neighborhoods and our cities.  I support Alfonso Todd because he believes in the future of Allentown (something I gave up on a long time ago) but Mr. Todd and his partner Gina Blevin believe and because they do I have no choice but to believe.

For Northampton County Judge ----> Jennifer Sletvold
It is tough to campaign for Judge in Pennsylvania - you can't discuss issues - you can only discuss who you are and what you have done as a citizen.  But, what you can do is be visible and campaign like you really want the job.  Attorney Sletvold really believes in this opportunity. I have seen her more over the last few months than I have my guy.  She is everywhere and she is working hard.  I know she is a Republican but is there really a partisan way to carry out justice in The Court of Common Pleas?  There is not.  Jennifer is smart, aggressive, hard working and she is really funny.  I want a Judge who is not afraid to work hard and Jennifer Sletvold will be that Judge.

For Northampton County Council (At Large)
On the Democratic side I am voting for Tom O'Donnell and Ron Heckman - both are a little grey and both have been around for a bit but both are thoughtful and are concerned about the future of this county.
Tom O'Donnell  and his wife Ellie have been my friends since I was 19/20 years old.  Tommy is one of the most decent people I will ever know and it is an honor to call him my friend.  He will look out for the taxpayer and keep the powerful on their toes.
Ron Heckman - There are few people in this area who understand how local government works and how to make it work better and smarter.  Ron Heckman is honest, he is decent and he cares.
Of the other Democrats I only know Jerry Seyfried and I will not vote for him.  As far as the rest I know nothing about them and quite frankly they did very little to allow us to get to know them better.

On the GOP side there is 
Peg Ferraro - a Republican I have always voted for. Peg is thoughtful, she is dedicated and she really cares about her community, she has given a great deal to this county.  Peg deserves one more term on County Council because she is Peg Ferraro and my friends that is enough.

Fran Hesch - I am sorry I can't vote for Frank in the primary. He gives me hope.  I got to know Frank through my involvement through the local Chamber movement.  He transformed the Whitehall Chamber and set it up for a very bright future.  He runs his family small business and he is there for any charity that needs his help. Whenever I have a called on Frank to assist with a fundraiser he stepped up and helped. He is smarter and more engaged than most people his age.  He is running for this office because he believes in county government and he wants to make it services are run  as efficiently and cost effective as possible.  I am looking forward to voting for my friend Frank Hesch in November.

I am also voting for 

Karen Dolan for Bethlehem City Council - She has become the conscience of this campaign - speaking out on behalf of Willie Reynolds even if it meant her campaign for re-election.  Karen Dolan deserves another term on council.

Brian Callahan - He has discussed economic development and neighborhood improvement.  He is a decent man and having  a small business owner on Council will benefit us all

I have heard good things about Mr. Waldron but I do not know him.  I think it is time to elect a councilperson from the west side.


  1. I love how you've ignited conversation about local politics in this election. I won't be voting until the last hour of the polls. Live-tweeting election results is about as good as it gets. See you on the Twitter around 9pm

    1. Thanks - Something hit a nerve here.

  2. 54 - 46 Bob Donchez

  3. 52 - 48 either way now lets all come together and keep moving the City of Bethlehem forward!

  4. Thanks for commenting
    I agree and hope we can
    So few people voted most people did not even notice there was an election
    I am moving forward!

    (From my droid)