Saturday, May 18, 2013

But, Not Bob Donchez

There is a long tradition in American politics that has candidates end their campaigns on a high note they make their final pitch to the voters by talking about their vision for the future.  It's called their closing argument.

These closing arguments are usually the only positive moments of the campaign. Campaign operatives hope the final weekend of positive messaging will erase the stain of months of negative campaigning thus improving their chances on the following Tuesday.

But, not Bethlehem Mayoral Candidate Bob Donchez. He has decided to keep his loathsome campaign going and sinking it even deeper into the muck with yet two more misleading mailers.

Early polling must have shown Mr. Donchez some pretty shocking numbers and he knew the only way he could win was to destroy Willie Reynolds, he must have figured out that he could not win by being the Councilman Bob Donchez we have all come to know over the last 16 years.

What does that tell you about the last 16 years?

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  1. I wonder if he is really proud of this campaign