Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pro Violence Anti Democracy = Trump

Trump's hatred of the First Amendment and violent rhetoric about the press brought about this development.

The very Pro-Trump GOP Candidate for the lone House seat in Montana attacked a reporter.  He of course claims it was the other way around but witnesses and tape proves other wise.

This will be just a small part of the Trump legacy.  Violence against anyone who dares to challenge Trump's authority over us.  Violence against people who question their actions.  Violence against anyone who is not like them or with them 100%.

He shares national security secrets the despotic and dictatorial leaders of Russia and the Philippines.  He rejoiced in the victory the soon to be dictator of Turkey. 

The health care reform bill he supports will leave another 23 million Americans without health care within the next 10 years

He is vulgar, he is crude, he is undemocratic, he is a shake down artist as it benefits his extended family.

He did not know that Israel is in the Middle East and anyone who reads his almost psychotic tweets knows he can't spell.

He is shallow, he thoughtless, is unfocused and he is unconcerned about the well being of the people of this country.

He is the single most unqualified man to ever live in the White House.

And, now we have learned that his third wife can't stand his touch or so it would seem sense she seems to recoil in disgust (or is it fear) every time he tries to hold her hand. 

"But, her emails!"


  1. America dodged a bullet when Killary was retired from elected office seeking, shame she can still do plenty of teat suckling by way of speaking engagements at Goldman Sachs and liberal universities.

    You claim Melania doesn't touch President Trump but you don't know what takes place behind closed doors, exhibit A is Baron who surely wasn't conceived by articial insemination.

    It is well known his favorite position is the piledriver which is known for achieving maximum depth allows blood to pool in the receipients brain hightening pleasure. His member is said to resemble a fosters ale oil can but slightly longer, so not only is Trump more accomplished and intelligent than you Fladimir he has a much larger, girthier cock and he gets to use it on a former top model.

    Who plays with your miniature gherkin, besides the old pervs at la puerte verde?

    1. Again a juvenile response full of 8th grade level references - I guess you are not embarrassed by your words because you cowardly hide behind a goofy fake name. You are a sad woman

    2. Earl Grey is my birth name little Fladimir, come out to the Charlie Chrin center and I'll introduce myself. A few of us go to the Green Door afterwards for smoothies, don't be shy girlfriend.

    3. You are tea bagger named Earl Grey - you are pathetic - Why would you call me girlfriend?