Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump Pleases His Masters & His President

Either Donald Trump is in bed with the Russians or he and his advisors are clueless or just flat out stupid. 

The day after Trump fired the FBI Director he has leaders of the Russian diplomatic team in for a private Oval Office meeting.  Granted it was already scheduled but the optics of it in light of the Comey firing it was a little cringe worthy.

Since this was a high level meeting of course it was private.  Or was it?

It was indeed private but only to the U.S. media but it was open to the Russian media. 

You know the tool that Putin uses to spread all that fake news the Trump supporters, Fox News and unenlightened nitwits who are Tea Baggers actually believe, they were given exclusive rights to coverage something at our White House.  American news outlets were barred.  And, there was not one complaint from Tea Baggers and their puppets (GOP controlled Congress).

Why do Tea Baggers and Republicans love Putin so much?  Do they hate democracy?  Do they love dictators?

Yes, yes they do.

If Donald Trump was not in bed with the Russians than why was their state controlled media allowed inside the Oval Office and our national media outlets were not?

He needed to appease his masters. I am sure President Bannon is well pleased with his old dog.


  1. We on the Alt right admire Commander Putin because he is a shinning example of masculinity and discipline. While the decadent west sips cosmos and appletini's in trendy boutique diners Vlad is riding shirtless bareback, tossing fools on the judo mat, and cleansing ISIS dogs from the Middle East.

    We hope that a closer alliance between Trump and Vlad will result in some transference of character traits, we too can have a man of steel at the helm after 8 years of a Kenyan born cigarette smoking golf nut.

  2. Fake Name
    Now I know you are not serious about anything - bringing Obama's "bad habits" and golf - considering Trump is grossly overweight, is known for his love of McDonalds food and weekly trips to the golf course.

    You really are just a ridiculous little coward