Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Trump Disaster Continues

Former  FBI Director Mueller puts nation first.  Leaves his cushy private practice to ensure the truth is found about Trump, Russia and other things that will or have been turned up by the investigation

The GOP leadership suspected Trump of being a Russian paid prostitute for quite awhile.  When the House Majority Leader denied making this statement he was told that The Washington Post heard the tape of his statement.  And, then silence from him and his office. 

The Republicans know Trump is a crook, they know he is a liar, they know is not qualified, they know he is not mentally fit for the job, they know he and his extended family are benefiting from his being in this office, they know he acts like a child, they know is delusional, they know he is shallow, they know he is not engaged, they are embarrassed him.

And, they think that the 38% of the voters who still believe in him may be enough to get them re-elected since Democratic turnout in mid-terms is very low.

Each week there is a new scandal caused by the Trump himself and yet the leadership of the Republican party stands by their little handed, orange man child.


  1. Attacking President Trump's appearance, that' s fairly petty of you. How about shining a light on some of the rocking trade deals Trump has negotiated such as the lifting of a beef ban by the chinese and their agreeing to export to us cooked chicken products?

    It is clear your partisanship will not allow you to applaud his achievements, look forward to more wins as he begins his foreign tour.

    1. And you homophobic, racsist, sexist and juvenile sexual comments are a pillar of virtue.
      You are little tea bag robot - you spew what ever the anti-American unpatriotic right wing tells you to say. Do you even have any original thoughts other than your childish name calling.

  2. Don, I think you are correct in your description of Trump as perceived by the Republicans. All of it. What concerns me even more than that the Republicans know this, is that they are right. Anyone with experience of the world can see that he is a thug, and by this I am not merely name calling. I mean that he has no sense of common decency, that his definition of what's "right" is whatever he can get away with. I hope that we are at the point where even Republicans stand up for common sense and common decency, and work to get him out of the office for which he is obviously so ill-suited. These are terrifying times, with this lunatic at the helm. Keep writing, dude! (and don't pay too much attention to Earl Grey. I am a die-hard tea drinker, and no one who knows tea would have anything to do with such bullshit over-processed over-hyped "tea" as Earl Grey. It's what people who want to look sophisticated in their tea drinking drink, because they are too ignorant and afraid to develop true taste.)