Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump Swooning Over Putin

This proves Trump is a weak President

His boss, the real President Steve Bannon (an internet troll and the guy who controls Trump's every move) is doing everything he can to encourage Putin.

And, Donald Trump is just an old dog who wants to please his master.

President Bannon hates this country and loves Putin's Russia.

Of course Putin would flex his muscles.

Did Trump swoon? 

He is all alone in that big old White House (his wife won't live with him) - I am sure as he was sitting there in his pajamas and bathrobe and he was impressed with his mentor's (Putin) audacity and strength.


  1. If Donald and Vlad were to mix it up in the sheets who do you think would be pitching? Vlad is more muscular for sure but Donald is an Alpha male who likes giving orders, could it be DT is a power bottom?

    1. Are a 14 year old boy? Why would you leave such a stupid comment? Pathetic really

    2. Just like America went Gaga during Palin's run for VPOTUS some people fantasize about elected officials engaged in carnal acts.
      Tell me you haven't thought about Lindsay Grahame sucking off Harry Reid in some dark corner of Congress while Mitch McConnell faps furiously,

      Vlad could probably impale a polar bear with his tube steak if he wanted to, some of us dont go for the flaming queen types and lust for a ripply soviet sodomite.

    3. If you are trying to be funny you have failed - If you are going to write nonsense at least be clever about it. My porn writing has been published on award winning websites and you are just pathetic

      Are your really bi or just too much of a coward to come all the way out of the closet