Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump Has a Secret To Tell You.

Trump tells the Philippine President strategic secrets about where 2 of our nuclear subs are positioned.  What is wrong with this man?  Does he think letting world leaders we can not trust our secrets makes him a strong leader?  Or, is he so immature and just can't control or help himself?

Either way he is clearly unfit to lead this nation.

And, in other Trump news

Trump hiring a private lawyer to handle his side of the Russian investigation is probably a good idea .

Is anyone else exhausted by this man and the people around him?


  1. Trump is rubbing elbows with Duterte because they have alligned themselves with the Chinese and it is in our best interest to minimize that dynamic.

    Steel sharpens steel, Duterte is a strong man so is Donald if they get some synergy going on it could be magic.

  2. Trump thinks he is a strong man - he is not