Monday, August 24, 2009

Excuse Me Is That A Non Issue In My Soup

The news media, bloggers and commentators are starting to get board with the birthers, deathers and town hall shouters. So, in order to distract the debate and derail the President, the shameful exploiters are now going after the sacred of the sacred. Veterans.

The man who was in charge of religious affairs during the last administrations is trying to rile up veterans about end of life planning information made available to veterans. He is claiming that the VA is trying to encourage veterans to think about giving up and ending their lives. Of course no such document exists. He is referring to a resource that was written during the Bush presidency that offers advise about living wills and the such. It turns out the this man has written his own guide and would prefer people use (purchase) his. He is creating this issue for his own profit. Shameful.

But, somehow I am not surprised. Here is another right wing extremist trying to scare the American people for two reasons. Derail Obama and make money off of peoples fears. Shameful.

The next non issue is the pace at which positions are being filled by the administration. We are being told it is too slow. Now, if memory serves me right, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H W Bush, Bill Clinton and George W Bush were all criticized for exactly the same thing. There is nothing new here people, now move on to the next non issue. Anything to distract us from what we should be talking about and another thing to rile up the extremists.

Any guesses about what will be the next big non issue? The cost of dry cleaning the cloth napkins after state dinners, perhaps?

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