Friday, August 14, 2009

How Stupid Are These People

The President has asked people to e-mail him their concerns, questions and comments about health care and other issues.

The Republicans and their supporters are claiming that he was going use these e-mails to create an enemies list.

A - How lame and desperate are they?
B- How stupid do they think we are?
C- How stupid are the people that believe them?

The ultimate Republican Richard Nixon is the inventor of enemy lists

No really, how stupid are these people?
A- Believe President was not born in this country?
B- Believe in Death Panels?
C- Use the word Socialist without any historic perspective?
D- Support Palin in her decision to quit in order to prove she is not a quitter?
E- Support Newt as pro-family despite his three marriages?
F- Believe POTUS hates white people....................?
G- Still resent the Clinton's for beating a President they hated?
F- Think an admitted junky is the voice of moral authority from 12 - 3 on the radio?
H- Hate deficit spending even though they were silent during the three Presidencies that created most of the the debt - Reagan - Bush - Bush

I could go on and on and on but there are not even enough letters in the excel columns.

But, really how stupid are these people? No really, can someone define how stupid these people are? I am not claiming that I am better than then they are, I just really want to know how stupid do you have to be to believe what they believe?

Damn, my head is pounding again - watching some music videos may calm me down. Even Lady Ga Ga makes more sense.


  1. I've begun to refer to these people as Republicans Eagerly Trying to Annihilate Rational Discourse (RETARD). So, I guess anyone can just run with that acronym however they see fit.

  2. Normality wrote, "But, really how stupid are these people? No really, can someone define how stupid these people are?"

    Here is one answer to that question: Ignorant America: Just How Stupid Are We? - Rick Shenkman

    One quote from the article:
    "Five defining characteristics of stupidity, it seems to me, are readily apparent. First, is sheer ignorance: Ignorance of critical facts about important events in the news, and ignorance of how our government functions and who's in charge. Second, is negligence: The disinclination to seek reliable sources of information about important news events. Third, is wooden-headedness, as the historian Barbara Tuchman defined it: The inclination to believe what we want to believe regardless of the facts. Fourth, is shortsightedness: The support of public policies that are mutually contradictory, or contrary to the country's long-term interests. Fifth, and finally, is a broad category I call bone-headedness, for want of a better name: The susceptibility to meaningless phrases, stereotypes, irrational biases, and simplistic diagnoses and solutions that play on our hopes and fears."