Saturday, August 29, 2009

Edward Moore Kennedy 1932-2009 - reaction 4

I missed the funeral today - the cretins at work would not watch it. The things I suffer. I did catch some of it on NPR and I thought the President was spot on and Teddy Jr almost made me pull over as I was driving home.

We turned on coverage around 5:30 or so before the cortege made it's way to the Capitol. When the Senator and his family arrived at the Capitol to the thunderous applause and cheers, that was it for me. The tears just started to flow. I was watching real love, real devotion and an overwhelming respect for a man who was such an important part of their lives. The Capitol Police estimated 900 + staffers and members on the steps and about 4,000 people across the street. Congressman Kennedy's remarks saying his father would have been nothing without his staff was so touching.

But, when the crowd unwilling to let the great man go started singing patriotic hymns I just lost it. I was in need of a good cry so I did not fight it too hard. 5,000 + people breaking out into to song trying to keep the casket of this man close to them for just a few moments longer spoke volumes to the world. As the cortege moved down the street people shouted out Thank You or We Love You and the family responded with waves of acknowledgement.

Crossing the bridge the Senator left DC for the last time.

Darkness overcame the internment and the final act of this life led in such a public manner was hidden from us and the family was allowed to say goodbye alone.

I am not sure if I have anything else to say about Teddy. I will miss him greatly. He was the thunderous voice for the voice less and the forgotten and his service to the nation was second to none.

Again, I have to say Thank You Ted Kennedy. Thank you Kennedy Family for allowing him to be our Uncle Teddy too.

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