Saturday, August 22, 2009

POTUS Please Enjoy Your Vacation

I saw a commercial on-line that was critical of POTUS taking a vacation. It was an anti-health care reform ad. I wonder if these same people were critical of Pres. Reagan or Pres. Bush 43 who took more vacations than all the other Presidents combined. The only time I was critical of Bush 43 for taking a vacation was when he chose to stay on it during the worst of Katrina. All I am asking for is consistency. If you oppose Presidential vacations for all Presidents than bravo for this ad other wise you insult the intelligence of the American people and I turn my back to your foolishness.

The President, unlike the conservative Governor of South Carolina is never out of touch with his staff or military commanders. He takes critical staff people with him wherever he goes. He still gets security and intelligence briefings, he still has a direct line to the Pentagon, he still can pick up the phone and call PM Brown. Bottom line is the President of the United States is never really away from his job.

This great republic will survive if the first family is away from that big white building they live in for the rest of the year.

Please health care scarers be serious about the issue and do not waste the money of the well meaning people contributed to your organization by running ads that really mean nothing and bring nothing useful to the debate.

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