Thursday, September 10, 2009

The GOP Response

Wednesday night I watched the Barack Obama I voted for. He has always been there, just a little more low key than I wanted him to be. Last night he was masterful, he owned the room and he clearly won last night.

The GOP response was so bad that everyone has forgotten what the Doctor, Congressman,, Lordship buyer, thrice malpractice responder had to say. More people remember his shirt collar, wide tie, weird lighting and bad sound more than anything he said. He clearly did not read or listen to the President's speech before he made his remarks on national television.

Then we had the GOP waving a few thin pages around to prove they too had a plan. Did they show anyone those pages last night? Did anyone see what what written on those pages they were waving around? For all we know it could have been Joe McCarthy's list of Communists working at the State Department or the list of hookers Sen. Vitters visited, or more copies of fake Kenyan birth certificates. The one thing we do know for sure that it was not Republican alternative suggestions for moving the economy forward, not suggestions for easing the housing or credit crisis, or reasonable alternatives to any of the President's plans. How do we know this? Have you heard the Republicans say anything but NO this year?

And, then there is the Honorable Joe Wilson, Republican of South Carolina. His disgraceful behavior last night was not the worst thing a Congressman from South Carolina has done while serving. During a debate just prior to the civil war a House Member from South Carolina stormed onto the Senate floor and beat a anti-slavery Senator with his cane.

Some leading Democrats are calling for Joe Wilson's head, asking for his censure or removal from the House. This is an over reaction. Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of rude behavior during Presidential addresses. Both sides groan, hiss, sigh and moan but no one has ever shouted out YOU LIE during a Presidential address or shouted out anything for that matter. It was rude, disrespectful and beneath his office. But, then these days is anything really beneath a congressman? Maybe a Pennsylvania state legislator.

What was he thinking? He has apologized. Did he mean it? Where was his self control? How can we trust a man with no self control to do what is best for this nation?

Should he be punished? No, he has embarrassed himself and his party enough. He truly summed up the quality of the national Republican Party and showed the world who was behind all the crazy behavior at the town hall meetings this summer. It was not the liberals carrying guns to meet the President, it was not the liberals waving Obama as Hitler posters, it was not the liberals calling left handed gay Jewish congressmen Nazis, it was not the liberals running around with fake Kenyan birth certificates. No, my dear readers these people were bought and paid for by the supporters of fine men like Joe Wilson, RSC.


  1. Should Wilson be censured by Congress? Yes, because otherwise what will emboldened GOPs do during Obama's next address? And don't underestimate how that behavior plays to their supporters. A normal-seeming Allentown co-worker of mine made the comment next day, with a smile on her face, out in the open for all to hear, "Somebody's going to shoot Obama." And Wilson has promised not to back down. Liberals/progressives are dangerously deluded if they think this kind of thing works against the GOP.

  2. Annon 9:42 - Thanks for commenting

    I try not to think about it but I too fear that this could all end very badly. These people are crazy but I think censuring him would only embolden the extremists and make him out to be some sort of martyr. Now most right thinking people believe he is an example of the wack jobs that ruled the summer

  3. "Wilson had raised more than $700,000 since the incident as of Friday, according to the National Republican Congressional Committee." AP 9/11