Thursday, September 24, 2009

Martin On Main Lives to Entertain for Another Day

In the beginning of August I wrote that some downtown Nazareth merchants were not thrilled to have the Martin on Main Festival on their door steps.

I am pleased to report that a meeting was held this week between the merchants directly impacted by the festival and the event organizers. By all reports it was a great and successful meeting. All issues were aired and a consensus was achieved. The event will continue at it's current location and with the feedback from the merchants, next years event will be better than this years.

Congratulations to all parties for being able to discuss the issues openly and freely. And, congratulations to all parties for recognizing that this unique and wonderful event only benefits the entire Nazareth community.

I am already looking forward to volunteering next year.

Now if the the political leadership of this once great commonwealth could act like adults and pass a bloody budget. That is something I will address later but for now I want to celebrate the success of the Nazareth merchant community, the Nazareth Chamber of Commerce and the Martin Guitar aficionados.

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