Monday, September 21, 2009

Values Voters or Are They

The Values Voters met this week in DC.

Why has the Main Stream Media (MSM) accepted that these people are The Value Voters? I have a very strong set of values, choose charities to support based on my values and I vote based on my values. Why am I not considered a values voter by the MSM? Are my values not as good as theirs?

Every person has values yet the MSM only acknowledges this group of extremists as the one true Values Voters.

The conservatives are so much better then liberals at owning words. They own the words values, family, traditional, patriotic, strong country, strong defense, strong foreign policy.

If the right uses the word compassion it is compelling but if liberals use the word compassion we are giving dirty, filthy people who may or may not be legal citizens all the benefits of the founding Europeans.

They use the word traditional and the MSM hearkens back to the good old days when things were more simple. Let's look at the good old days. Blacks could not vote, sit at Woolworth lunch counters, stay in hotels in Las Vegas or get the same education as me. In the good old days women could be teachers, mothers, secretaries and shop girls. In the good old days we had to practice ducking under our desks to protect ourselves from a nuclear bomb being dropped on the 13th street exit of route 22. Those are the days the traditional value voters want to return to. So, why does the MSM not call them to account for this? Fear.

Brian Williams (I am a big fan) and his peers are so afraid of being called biased that they tread so lightly on what the right is really saying it allows it to become acceptable. They don't ask them why they want to return to a time of segregation and discrimination. They don't ask them why they want to poison the air and water. They don't ask them why they want to return to the cold war. They don't ask them why they want to return to a time when women were limited to what they could aspire to and they don't ask them why they want to return to a time when I could be thrown in jail just for whom I love.

At one session this weekend the speaker said that all pornography makes people gay. Trust me looking at Playboy as a ten year old had no bearing on my sexuality. Another speaker argued that Christians are being silenced, they of course held the meeting during the Jewish New Year thus precluding Jewish involvement in the festivities. They barred the press from covering Bill O'Reilly's remarks accepting the Press Freedom Award. They all spoke about taking America back but they never really said from whom. I have a theory but I am hesitant to say it.

If ignorance is a value than yes these people meeting this weekend in DC are value voters.

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