Friday, September 4, 2009

Memo From the Bethlehem School District

UPDATE - 09/6/09 - I noticed a small typo on my part the word reference was typed referenced - I apologize. I wanted to ensure this was accurate.

This is going to be a long post.
Below is a form that went out this week from the Bethlehem School District to the parents.
Keep in mind as you read this that the President of the United States wants to address children at the beginning of the school year about working hard, getting good grades and staying in school. Also keep in mind that both President and Mrs. Reagan did this, George HW Bush did this and George W Bush was doing this while the airplanes hit the twin towers. GWB was reading a book about owning goats, he was reading this book in Florida, it is illegal to own a goat in Florida.

Dear Parents,
I have received many calls from parents and have had inquires from teachers in reference to President Obama's address our nation's students, scheduled to air at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, September 8.
In lieu of the district coming out with a definitive stance, I want the following to to be done here at (school):
  1. We will not view the address as a whole student body.
  2. Grade levels will decide whether they will watch it, and if the will watch it live or use technology to later show what parts they think are developmentally appropriate for their students.
  3. If a grade level does decide to view the speech, the following will be taken into consideration

a. Lunch times will remain the same

b. One classroom per grade level will be used for viewing and other classrooms used to provide an alternative activity for those students who do not want to view it, or those students whose parents request that their child(ren) not view it.

c. A menu of classroom activities to do with the address will be available in the office.

If your grade=level teachers decide to show the address, I want to give you the parent the option to have your child watch the address or have your child in the alternative activity provided by the teachers. To so please complete the form below.

This form must be returned on Tuesday, September8. It is the child's responsibility to give it to the teacher.


Please complete the form by checking one of the boxes and returning it Tuesday, September 8

Student's Name:_________________ Homeroom:________________

___ My child may view the President's address if the class is viewing it.

___Please place my child in the alternative activity if the class is viewing the address.

Parents signature:_________________ Date: ___/_____/_______

So that went out this week.

There was a time that Bethlehem the school district was one of the most admired districts in the Commonwealth. The current leadership has certainly changed that.

And, now when the President of the United States wants to encourage children to stay in school this formal star of the state has decided to join Glenn Beck.


  1. Is this verbatim? If so, whoever wrote it needs to repeat one of those grade school English classes.

    "I have received many calls from parents and have had inquires from teachers in referenced to President Obama's address our nation's students, scheduled to air at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, September8."

    Is this the way an educator begins a memo to parents? There are at least three errors. And so it continues. Pathetic.

  2. I can't believe this!!! Permission slips to hear the President of The United States speak? What the hell is going on in this country? Heartbreaking... J-

  3. When we all hear the words of the President's speech on Tuesday, I hope these concerned parents feel very foolish.

  4. Yes it is Bernie - I corrected my spelling of referenced = should have been reference.