Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Van Jones Had To Go

I think Van Jones had to go. He was becoming a distraction and the President can afford no distractions at this time. Granted, the extreme right led by the Junky Radio Top talker and the Addict TV talker really ginned up the factors that led to his demise. Van Jones could have survived all the attacks except one - he was a TRUTHER. Truther's believed the President of the United States knew about 9/11 and allowed it to happen or that 9/11 was an inside job.

I try very hard to be consistent thus avoiding taking part in the silly seasons of politics. I hated when my friends on the left called Bush a Nazi, I hated it when they called Reagan a fascist. I opposed them when they shouted down people on the other side. Yes, I protested right along with them but I try very hard to find the time to listen to the other side providing they are willing to listen to me. If they shout - I may shout but more often then not I will utter such clever things like "Shame on you" or I'm sure your parents are proud of your bad manners" and walk away cursing myself for not being quicker with more clever quips.

Because Van Jones was a truther he needed to go. His firing shows the integrity of the Obama administration. But, I have to ask why is it unacceptable to have a Truther as a junior White House assistant but it is OK to have Birthers, Death Panelists, Death Bookers and Brain Washing accusers to serve as Congresswomen, Senators and or Governors. Where is their integrity? Oh yeah they are the leadership of the Republican Party integerity is an unknown concept to them.

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  1. Palin still pushing "death panels" in the Wall St Journal, acc to today's news. Didn't Rupert Murdoch buy the WSJ? And right wingers criticize the New York Times as ideological. Why are we losing this PR battle for health care reform?