Friday, September 18, 2009

My Little Town

Guy and I just returned home from the Greek Heritage & Food Festival, now at the festival grounds below the Hill to Hill bridge in downtown Bethlehem. I'm not sure Guy really wanted to go but I am one of those community minded types who believes it's important to support as much as I can in town (in Easton also). Plus a co-worker's daughter was dancing.

Guy has quite a following in town and instantly became the center of attention, much to my dismay. After all, most bloggers are attention whores, why else would we think every thought is worth posting out there on the interwebs. So I stood by and was the dutiful second fiddle. Finally we ran into my friend the Treasurer of Bethlehem, surely she would fawn over me. No, Guy and Kaija had to talk about her grandchildren and I was left searching for the beer tent. I'm beginning to ramble here so I will get to the point.

We can walk three blocks to a lot of great shopping, history, food & drink. We also spend a lot of quality time with friends who live 3 doors down from the State Theatre in Easton and walk around downtown Easton to great shopping and eating. We never visit our friends in center city Allentown, we make them come to us. It is a shame that the third largest city in the Commonwealth is such a dead zone and lags so far behind Bethlehem and little Easton.

At one point in our lives Guy and I toyed with moving to a place in the suburbs but after a particularly lovely weekend roaming around our neighborhood and spending quality time at the Apollo, Starfish and the Hotel B. we decided that our lives would not be as great if we moved to the townships and so we have stayed put for more than 25 years. We can even walk to a hardware store. Granted this is not the urban hotbed that guy grew up with or the one I dreamed of escaping to as a teenager reading Vanity Fair & wearing my Polo collars turned up. But we really enjoy being able to walk to great shopping, superb restaurants, drinking spots and great cultural festivals.

If we had a grocery and liquor store and were the idle rich we could sell our cars.

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