Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Don't Want That Man Speaking To My Child

During the presidential race last year John McCain was asked if Obama was a Muslim, was foreign born, anti American, supported terrorists etc etc etc. At each stop the honorable Sen. McCain defended his opponent's integrity and reputation. He would not allow people to shout traitor, hang him, put him jail or many other hateful things. This hurt Sen. McCain and sent some of his potential voters to the fringe candidates or to stay home.

His running mate however did nothing to discourage this type of activity even when people shouted about killing Mr. Obama. Sen. McCain is despised by much of the Republican party and Mrs. Palin is a much sought after speaker and the darling of the GOP and right wing elite. This is the nature of the Republican party in 2009.

These people have been around since the beginning of the Obama campaign and no one can tell me this is not about race. These people would have said vile things about Hillary but I doubt it would have skirted violence, it just would have been rude, disrespectful, kooky and weird. I doubt anyone would be putting a Hitler moustache on HRC.

So we have the birthers, the town hall shouters, gun carriers, death panelists, death bookers, left handed gay Jews are Nazists and Obama is Muslimists.

Now we have the people who don't want the President of the United States to speak to their children because they do not want their precious angels to be corrupted by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

And, what is POTUS speaking to them about - staying in school, working hard, getting good grades and being good citizens. What an awful thing. How scary! I have to write this and I am sorry I have to write this. They don't want to their precious little darlings to hear the words of the scary black man.

This craziness is not just coming from the fringe it is coming from official leaders of the Republican party. Oh now wait the fringe leads the 2009 Republican party.

At the 2008 Texas GOP convention a vendor sold a pin that read "If Obama Wins Can We Still Call It The White House", the party leaders had no objection and the pin sold well.


  1. This saddens me so much. How can we progress as a country if it it is only allowed to progress if we think as you do? who ever you are.
    When it's anti education it shows it's true colors and evil head. Guy

  2. This is racism, pure and simple. The POTUS is speaking to the children of America. And the problem is...? I've been wondering just how long it would take for the racist backlash against Obama to begin. Problem is, the right has a well-established propaganda machine in place and few moral constraints about using it than the mainstream and left. We could lose this battle unless we find a way to meet them on their own terms.

  3. This is insanity! What has happened to our great country when children are being taught not to repect the President of the United States. Will these crazy right wingers stop at nothing? This is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever heard. J-