Sunday, June 30, 2013

Adoption, Egypt, Brazil, Cheney, Safe Landing, JLo - Have you seen these stories

Marriage matters: A Pennsylvania man  (age 65) adopts his life long partner (age 73) because he can't get married in the great commonwealth.

Is Egypt on the brink of collapse?

Brazil wins the Confederations Cup - A test run for the World Cup next year

If former VP Dick Cheney is so influencial then why isn't Wyoming leading the nation in marriage eqaulity?

A helicopter lands in the Hudson.  No one walked on water but everyone is safe.

The divine Ms. Lopez needs to find a better booking agent.

Gohmert, Bachman and Palin Oh My!

He's from Texas (of course) He's a Republican (of course) He's a Tea Party favorite (of course) and he is the gift that keeps on giving -Rep. Louie Gohmert claims that DOMA ruling voids polygamy laws ............... and his intellectual peer Rep. Michele Bachman agrees but says a lot of pray will make it all better.

The other leader of the "Stupid Caucus" Sarah Palin say's she is open to leaving the GOP - I wish she would just leave us and go back to her home planet.

Friday, June 28, 2013

If you want to contact St. Rep Daryl Metcalfe

If you feel the need to contact State Representative Daryl Metcalfe to let him know what you think about his hatred of democracy and his lack of respect for his duly elected colleague here is his contact information.

From the NY Daily News

PA State Rep. Brian Sims Denied His Rights By Republicans

What the hell?

This is appalling...a democratically elected State Representative from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the state where I live was censured by his colleagues because he was about to speak out "against G-d's law".

There is time set aside every day when members of the PA State House of Representatives are allowed to speak on any issue they want.  Except if you are an openly gay Democratic member, then your freedom of speech is halted by the Republican majority.

This outrage further proves that the Republican party does not believe in democracy, is not patriotic and does not love this country.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


This is one of the stories that I love NPR for.  Moscato is the new drank of choice

I Have A Friend

I have a friend but that word does not do him justice but it will do for our purposes.

He is considerably younger than me but he is wise beyond his years.

I provoke him, I challenge him and I make him think about things in a different light and sometimes I'll say something so outrageous that he is not sure how to respond because he does not want to offend the old guy.

He is painfully polite, he is one of the most decent people I will ever know.

He cares deeply about his community and he is loyal, protective and supportive of his friends.

Words I could use to describe him are

My friend, who is straight attended the Pro Marriage Equality rally in Bethlehem last night because it was important to him to show support for justice, equality and me and my guy.

He is one of the best people I will ever know and I am glad that I do know him.  The weird thing is we first met on Twitter and I thought he was jerk...Until I met him in person.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stand With Senator Wendy Davis

A brave Democratic State Senator in Texas is taking on the Governor, Lt. Governor and the Republican war on women.  The rules for Filibustering in Texas are more strict than in Washington and the Lt. Governor and GOP leadership are doing everything they can to stop Senator Wendy Davis from speaking.

I stand with Senator Wendy Davis!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ed Markey Finally Makes It To The Senate

Veteran Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey has been a member of the House of Representatives for almost 40 years (that is 20 terms)  for many of those years has been the Senator heir apparent.

Many thought he should have been the Democrat to succeed Ted Kennedy but the powers wanted the popular Attorney General Martha Coakley, who turned out to be a terrible candidate and campaigned as if she deserved to win the seat, she didn't. The result was this nation had to suffer through a few years of Scott Brown, the male Sarah Palin. His politics may be a tad more centrist than Palin's but he proved himself as deep a thinker as she.

Congressman Markey was on the short list to challenge Senator Brown in the 2012 but along came that force of nature Elizabeth Warren and Mr. Markey, the ever loyal Democrat stepped aside and fully supported Ms. Warren's election.

And then, Senator John Kerry was finally awarded is alternate dream job, Secretary of State.  So, in less than 5 years another Senate seat becomes available. It was finally Congressman Markey's time.

Congressman Markey has earned this seat because of his dedication to public service, he excellent constituent service and representation, his proven record as a strong candidate and his devotion and loyalty to his party, his commonwealth and his nation.

I look forward to Senator Markey's leadership and legislative skills moving from the House to the Senate.  This nation will be better off with Ed Markey  in The United States Senate.

Expanding Pre-K Education: The Democrats are trying to accomplish something for the American people.

As the GOP focuses on repealing Obamacare and hold hearing after hearing trying to gin up fake scandals (that are blowing up in their faces) the Democrats are introducing legislation that supports greater access to Pre-K Education.

These years are called "The Golden Years" because they are the most important years in a child's development. As a nation we must do all we can to give every child every opportunity.

This legislation is a giant step in the right direction. The bill is sponsored by Murray of Washington, Harkin of Iowa, Casey of Pennsylvania and Hirono of Hawaii .

I share these Senator's  dedication to our children, to the middle class and to the future of country.  I guess this is why I am a Democrat.

IRS story gets filled out, Justice Alito is a jerk, Bunga Bunga No Mas, Congressman Louie gives again

Of course more of the story comes out and come to find out The IRS was also taking a close look at progressive and liberal groups as well...Perhaps they were really just doing their jobs and protecting the American taxpayer from groups trying to claim exemption when they should not be.  But no, the right wing media has to go all batshit crazy without knowing all the facts and the the left wing media has no balls so they have to follow suit just so they can't be accused of having a "Liberal Bias".  I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop and now it has and the silence is deafening.

A petulant Mr. Justice Alito - Shameful and undignified behavior - he really is a prissy little bastard isn't he.  So self righteous, smug and disrespectful of  Justice Ginsburg. If he were a Democrat  you know a GOP House member would be filing impeachment charges against him.

No more Bunga Bunga parties - could this be the end of Berlusconi?  His he a cautionary tale for Donald Trump?

The gift that keeps on giving - Rep. Louie Gohmert - Compares Human Sexuality classes to Soviet Russia indoctrination of children.  Where would these whack job Republicans be if the Soviet Union Never existed?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Free Nelson Mandela

We know it is just a matter of time and apparently not very much time. We have all known it has been coming for quite awhile but are any of us prepared emotionally or intellectually for the death of Nelson Mandela.

He is a larger than life hero who was humble, he easily could have allowed his long years of imprisonment, torture and degradation impact the way he led the new South Africa but he did not. He transformed his country from a brutal police state to a democracy with little or no bloodshed and strife.

He is one of the most historically significant people of the 20th  Century and his influence has lasted in to the beginning of this century.

I am not going to insult you by telling you Mr. Mandela's story.  You sure as hell better know it.

After getting out of jail he divorced his wife Winnie who carried his torch during his imprisonment (His reasons are his but at least in public seem well founded) he married the eminent Graca Machel and along with Jimmy Carter and others founded The Elders, an organization of retired world leaders working to fix the messes they either made while in office or were made by their successors. (see link below)

Is the South Africa that Nelson Mandela is leaving behind perfect? No.  It has many problems, it is violent, it a one party state, it's economy is under extreme pressure and the divide between it's have and have nots is astronomical but it's people are hopeful, believe in equality and are trying as hard as they can to ensure to honor Mr. Mandela's dream of a color blind South Africa.

When you think of all the post colonial national leaders of African Countries no one suffered more than Nelson Mandela and no one led his "new" nation in a more enlightened way.

I know that Mr. Mandela will be leaving us shortly and I am not prepared for it.  It is difficult for me to imagine this world without him.

Today's NYT article

Wiki about Nelson Mandela

Remember this---Free Nelson Mandela

Amy Winehouse closing a Mandela tribute concert - This painful and amazing at the same time
 - She is so vulnerable and awkward and yet she tries so hard.  You see all the amazing talent around her (Annie Lennox) and have to wonder what could have been

Little Steven's Ain't Gonna Play Sun City

The Elders

Did you see this? Maureen Dowd; A Zombie Scare With a Zombie Chaser

Maureen Dowd discusses Zombies and their meaning for the culture at large, she prefers Vampires.   Ms. Dowd is always a great read  and some columns are more serious than others but she never fails to provoke a reader to look at things beyond the surface.

Did you see this? Rep. Gingrey Wants To Teach Girls To Be Girls And Boys That They’re Better | The New Civil Rights Movement

I suppose it is easier to live in the past than to deal with the realities of the present.  These people are just dark and their view of the world is dark.  They reside in a place without hope.  It must be a very sad existence.

Rep. Gingrey Wants To Teach Girls To Be Girls And Boys That They’re Better | The New Civil Rights Movement

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Cigarnival in Forks Township - Next Weekend

If you love quality Cigars and other fun things here is an event that may interest you.

My friends at Leaf and Cigar International put on quite party.  I'll be there helping out with a vendor on Saturday.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Eating Bethlehem

Where are you eating next week?

Come to my fair city and check out one or more of our amazing restaurants.  If you need to stay over check out the Hotel Bethlehem or many other nearby places to stay after play

For more information about Restaurant week go here

For more about THE Hotel Bethlehem go here

For more about what is happening in general go here

Check out the Sigal Museum Tomorrow - I'll be there

If you have not been to the Sigal this is a great opportunity to see this new local treasure.  The building is amazing and the permanent exhibits tell an honest history of Northampton County, and our country.  Their exhibit highlighting local participation in the Civil War was really moving.

Tomorrow they open an exhibit titled "Liberty Called and Northampton County Answered".  Check out the link to see the details.

The folks who run the museum are townies (in the best sense of the word) and their dedication to telling the story of our community is really appreciated.

They asked me to facilitate sponsoring the opening reception and it has been my honor and privilege to do so.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well Done You! Congressman Charles Dent

My Congressman Charlie Dent, who is often a huge disappointment to me, voted Nay on the "Pain-capable Unborn Child Protection Act" he was one of only 6 Republicans to do so.

The Republicans who have done nothing about jobs, nothing about the economy, ginned up fake scandals and every now and then accuse The President of United States of all kinds of awful things have decided that they would pass a bill through the House of Representatives that has not chance of being enacted into law. 

But, they are doing the people's business.  It just happens that it does not actually help the female people of this country.

They run for public office because they don't believe in governing.  Explain that one to your grandchildren.

They think women who are raped can't get pregnant.  Explain that on to your daughters.

They think there are various degrees of rape, some are legitimate and some are not and only some are bad.  Explain that to your nieces. 

They think abortion is wrong because male fetuses are masturbating and should not be disturbed. Explain that to me.

This GOP written bill will outlaw abortions at 20 weeks.  It violates the Roe vs Wade but why should the  Republican members of the United States Congress concern themselves with following the law.  

The original male manager of the bill said some typically stupid things last week so the leadership turned the bill over to a Congresswoman to manage.

The bill passed today by a vote of 228 - 196 with 10 members not voting. 

I may disagree with my Congressman on most issues of public policy but he has not joined the Republican War on  Women and for that he deserves a...

Well done you! Congressman Dent. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

War; A Love Story - Starring John McCain and the Chicken Hawks

There is a theory that old men of power start wars to keep the younger men from usurping their power.

Here's is how it works;

The king and his advisers rose to power by proving themselves on the fields of battle.  They won the battles, the skirmishes and ultimately the war.  And, to the victor goes the spoils.  Through their hard work and battle scars these men have all the power, all the glory and all the women.  Their wives enjoy the status and their young mistresses enjoy the perks of mature benefactors.  Their sons are pampered and protected until they become a threat and then they are sent off to war.

But, what if the son not only survives but thrives after his war, what if he is a hero?

Now, what is a king to do?

Or in our case what is a Senator to do?

Why does John McCain love war so much?

His experience as a fighter, as a POW and as Veteran should have made him cautious of war.  His access to top secret government briefings should make him suspicious of the men, especially the chicken hawks who look for every opportunity to send this nation to war. He knows first hand the horrors of war, he knows the pain, the suffering and shear awfulness of war.  John McCain of all people should be wary of war.

But, he is not.  John McCain looks for every opportunity to send this nation to war.  He has never met a potential war he did not support.  If it were up to John McCain we would be fighting wars on every continent on this planet except for Australia.

Why does John McCain love war so much? I really do not understand.

And, then there are the Chicken Hawks - The men who have have never and will never truly know the horror of war but never flinch at sending the young off to die in one.


  • Drug addled radio hosts
  • Dim witted but handsome TV hosts 
  • Flash in the pan politicians who quit and fail but for some reason continue to influence 
  • Successful politicians who were called to serve their nation 5 times but had other priorities at the time and chose to let other young men die and clearly feel no remorse for those deaths 
  • Prissy Southern elites who pretend to join the military as lawyers in the reserves because they know they will never see real action
The President is right to be cautious about devoting our lives and resources to another difficult war.  The people of this nation are tired of wars in countries that have no obvious impact on our daily lives or pose no threat to our safety and security.

I find it hard to believe that Senator McCain and his cohorts are really interested in war for humanitarian reasons.

Why do these people love war so much and why are so many of us so willing to follow them into it, especially when their judgement has been so wrong so often. 

I am really baffled by this and I admit I have not real answers only questions.

There is an old saying "War is old men talking and young men dying" these guys and women love to talk up and about war but they are not the ones dying, your sons, brothers, husbands, sisters and daughters are. 

I Suppose it Depends on how one Defines Moderate

This is an interesting development.
Moderate by whose standards?
Some folks in the US think the Tea Party is too moderate
One has to wonder how much he will be allowed to accomplish.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Elijah Cummings outplays Darrell Issa

There is no scandal here and yet Mr. Issa is not going to give up.  The tables will turn on Mr.  Issa just wait and see.  Guys like Issa often end up leaving office in disgrace.

Elijah Cummings outplays Darrell Issa

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Texas man acquitted in Craigslist escort murder

Only in Texas - Maybe we should let them leave the Union.

Texas man acquitted in Craigslist escort murder

Joan Walsh - The farce that is Darrell Issa

As usual Joan Walsh gets it right.  She reviews the history of the man the GOP put in charge of investigating the Obama Administration and she finds him lacking.

The farce that is Darrell Issa

Hecklers: Racist, Hubris or Disappointed

Is it just me or does it seem this President gets heckled more than his predecessors? 

First it was the Congressman during an address to a joint session of Congress and the nation, then it was a "reporter" in the Rose Garden though he was from The Daily Caller so I'm not sure reporter is an accurate term and now it's anyone who thinks he or she has all the answers.  This trend has now been foisted on the First Lady and as she has clearly shown she has no patience for attacks from the unrelenting self righteous.

Why this President more than others?   

The worst case scenario:  
As far as I can tell most if not all the hecklers have been white.  Do they think they have the right to be disrespectful to this President of the United States because he is black?  Many people are quick to blame race for the President's woes but I am not one of them but I have to wonder if it is not the case here. The election of Barack Obama did not prove we have put our racist history behind us it proved that a black man could get elected President.

The not as worse case scenario:
The hecklers are so convinced in the power of their ideas they think that if they confront The President of the United States in a public forum that he will stop, look at the podium thoughtfully for a second or two, look up, bite his lip (like Bill Clinton) and say "Holy Shit you're right - Damn girl you are smart - Why didn't I think of that?"  "I am going do exactly what you want me to do - Thank you for enlightening us with your stunning wisdom!" 

The not worst case scenario:
It seems that most of the hecklers are from the left and should be allies of the President.  Perhaps these folks were "the true believers" who actually thought that Barack Obama was going sweep into the White House and transform politics, transform the world and make things all better.  They of course were either really naive, blinded by his rhetoric or just so far out there that they did not remember that the House was still controlled by the Republicans and the Senate has undemocratic rules that allows the the minority to stop this nation in it's tracks.  Or, they are just plain stupid and have no real understanding how this great republic works.  Barack Obama is the President only one third of three branches of government not a dictator who can with the wave of his hand change the laws or make new ones.

Go back and look at interviews with the hecklers and decide for yourself which is the best worst case scenario. 

I actually think it is all three.

All this heckling is a very disturbing trend and another example of people lack of respect for each other and growing disdain for our countries institutions. If things get worse I fear that our politicians are going to spend less and less time with the people and more time with the lobbyists and special interest folks who are willing treat them with respect and pay their campaign and sometimes other bills.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The New York Times - Reminds Us Of The Real Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton who in my humble opinion is one of the most loathsome people in modern American politics and embarrassment to the Democratic Party.  

The New York Times remembers his most disgusting moment.  And, yet MSNBC gave him his own show and credible people show up on it.