Saturday, October 19, 2013

"By a Tyrant, not a President" - These People are Insane

Extreme right wing former Congressman Allen West took to his facebook page to call the President of the United States a tyrant because Mr. Obama refused to cave into Teabagger threats to our nations financial and economic future.

Mr. West claims that the ACA (Affordable Care Act) is not the law of the land and it was forced on the nation "by a tyrant, not a President.

Of course the ACA was passed by both houses of Congress, signed into law by the President of the United States, so yes indeed it is the law.  When the law was challenged by such great legal minds as Gov. Tom Corbett of my home state all the way to the Supreme Court where the law was held as constitutional and thus it remained the law of the land.  I don't know if Mr. West was in a coma or on some really wild drugs during the past few years and missed all that but sorry crazy man but it is the law of the land.

And, then there was an election and one guy said keep the law and the other guy said get rid of the law. Perhaps someone forgot to tell the former Congressman but the guy who wanted to keep the law won pretty big.

The former Florida Congressman has been getting more and more vocal lately last week he called President Obama  a spoiled brat and pathological liar.  Perhaps he is looking for a gig on Glenn Beck's The Blaze dot com.  Or maybe he's just trying to be more coarse, more ridiculous and to cheapen the nation's political discourse more than Ann Coulter.

These folks are mad and I do not mean in an angry sort if way.

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