Monday, October 14, 2013

NY GOP Comes Begging to Trump

I don't get peoples interest in Donald Trump and why some folks want the TV "Star" to run for high government office.

Now the New York State Republican party is pleading with Mr. Trump  to run against current Governor Andrew Cuomo.  What is it about Trump that some people thinks qualifies him for either President or Governor?  What has he done or accomplished in his life?

He's been married 3 times and has cheated on his wives and humiliated them each in the process.  So he is clearly not stable nor his he respectful of women.

He is a bully always threatening people, calling them names and starting pathetic and petty public fights. He clearly does not have the temperament do deal with the intricacies of foreign policy or Democrats in the legislature.

How many times have he and or his company filed for bankruptcy?  So he is clearly not that great of businessman.

There are two reason why Trump will not actually run for office.

1. He could not face the humiliation of a defeat.  He knows not only a campaign would ruin his brand but a loss will destroy it.

2. He will have to disclose how much he is really worthy and what his sources of income are.  What if he is not worth as much as he says he is?  What if he is just a paper tiger and living off the largess of his investors?   He would have to give up his lucrative contract with NBC in order to run and perhaps he can't afford to give up a job that pays.

My guess is that Trump will not run.

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