Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sen. Cory Booker

Newark Mayor and Democratic superstar  Cory Booker has been elected to the Senate.

When "The Chosen One" gets elected to the Senate he/she can follow two different paths. Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz.  Hillary went along to get along and she held back a bit so she could learn the ways of the Senate and develop relationships.  You've all watched Ted Cruz for the last 10 months.

I predict Cory Booker will be a hybrid much like Barack Obama was; respectful, deferential but not passing up any opportunity to find his way to a camera or microphone and there is no doubt he will be very much in demand on the fundraising circuit.

I am thrilled Mr. Booker is going to Washington, we need more thoughtful young people in Washington.

Well done you! Cory Booker

At the end of the campaign Sarah Palin came in to campaign for Mr. Booker's extremist opponent and as usual Sarah Palin's participation in a general election either has no impact or a negative impact on the race.

When are Republicans going to acknowledge Mrs. Palin is worthless?

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