Monday, October 28, 2013

Historic Numbers In NYC Mayors Race

If recent polls are to be believed  the next Mayor of  New York City will elected by an historic margin .  Bill de Blasio the city's current Public Advocate is leading his Republican opponent by 45 points and he has been leading Joseph Lhota since the general election began in September.

When I first saw that stunning margin a few weeks ago I thought that it would be impossible to maintain that type of historic margin, races usually tighten but this race does not seem to be tightening.

There has been a Republican in the Mayor's seat for 20 years, though Bloomberg was a Democrat before he changed parties to run for Mayor and in the end he governed like an independent. Mr. de Blasio is an old time traditional progressive and won the primary by building a strong coalition of the support across all the Democratic leaning constituencies.  He is not the most charismatic campaigner but compared to Mr. Lhota he is Bill Clintonesque.  It has not helped that Lhota has promised to keep all the most hated policies of the Giuliani and Bloomberg years.

With a week to go before New Yorker's head to the polls so it is likely that  Bill de Blasio will be the next Mayor the only question is whether his election margin will be record breaking.

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