Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cuccinelli; Priests Will Soon Be Outlawed

This may be the most ridiculous act of political desperation I may have ever seen.  Ken Cuccinelli  the GOP Attorney General of Virginia and  nominee for Governor of Virginia is bombing in the polls and is on track to go down to a flaming and inglorious defeat.
Post image for Desperation: Cuccinelli Warns Clergy ‘Might Face Imprisonment For Teaching Christian Morals’

The campaign has sent out a fundraising letter from Mrs. Cuccinelli that predicts the priests will be arrested in the pulpit for teaching Christian values.  So look out Father Ryan the black President is going to be sending his Naziesque storm troopers into your parish if you teach love, compassion and tolerance (since that is what Jesus taught).  But, really the wife of Ken was referring to the anti women, anti minority and gay bashing that many in the modern Republican party claim as Christian values.

This fundraising letter is of course a reaction the the Supreme Court refusing to hear Cuccinelli case trying reinstate the anti blow job laws in Virginia.

I wonder how much time Ken Cuccinelli and Rich Santorum spend together?

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