Monday, October 7, 2013

The Power of a Tweet - Nielsen Enters the Modern World

The venerable TV ratings company Nielsen is beginning to monitor and count tweets  as a way of determining a true level of a television program's popularity and assign it a rating.

Ratings are the lifeblood of the TV business.  They determine if a show is getting enough viewers to keep on the air and they help determine the advertising rates a network will charge advertisers.

Since so many people do not watch programs when they are actually being presented but at a later date and time.  Many network executives were beginning not putting as much weight behind the Nielsen reporting and were looking at other sources for viewership information. By counting tweets and possibly other social media forums Nielsen can now report to the networks what people are saying about a program and how much buzz a program gets during the original broadcast or whenever a viewer chooses to watch the show.

Social media is transforming this world if you are not part of you will surely be left behind.


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