Sunday, October 6, 2013

PA Governor; Dead Man Walking

The Daily Kos handicaps  next years governor races across the country.

"Dead Man Walking"  Is how they describe Pennsylvania's astoundingly awful Governor Tom Corbett.

I have not always loved this commonwealth's governors but they have all been very smart and by and large capable.  And, then there is Tom Corbett who is in over his head,out of his league and astonishingly incompetent.

After last weeks comparing gay relationships to incest a comment that was meant to smooth over some bigoted remarks by the attorneys he hired to "defend traditional marriage" was so far out there there that I now truly believe the 46th Governor of Pennsylvania is not very bright.

Maybe all the pandering to the extreme right wing has made his brain mush or maybe the fact that when he was Attorney General he ignored the evidence against Jerry Sandusky really just proves he is either not very bright or incompetent or maybe both.

Either way Tom Corbett may very well be the worst Governor Pennsylvania has ever had.


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