Friday, October 25, 2013

The Deflowering of Mr. Pettet

Clayton Pettet will not be call this number he has a better idea

A 19 year old British art student giving up his preciousness  for his art.  Actually Clayton Pettet will be having full on sex on stage and giving up his "virginity" in front of an audience.

Young Mr. Pettet says he has been thinking since he was 16 about the best way to make this special moment even more special.  The art student and another unidentified young man with take to the stage and have sex until completion.

Mr. Pettet wants to question how society defines "virginity".  He says it means different things to people in his case he defines losing his virginity by becoming the receptive partner during anal intercourse.

The articles I have read about this have not disclosed a place, date or time.  I assuming that Clayton Pettet's official deflowering will take place in London.

I will update you when I learn more details.

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  1. Astroglyde should sponsor this event, I will submit my application to have his sloppy seconds.

    1. What a great idea! This child could make a small fortune off of this little adventure - sponsor for condoms, towels, bedding, enema, etc. I suspect there is quite long line to be the second person to visit his sacred place. Thanks for reading and again commenting

  2. Donnie two scoops! I did some research and that little otter Clayton pulled a fast one by not taking a plunging at the hands of his SO in front of an audience!

    Wonder if that starfish has been stretched yet and if so how many times? If you want to see live sex there's no better place than Berlin the Czech studs they have over there make this bear BLUSH!