Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Michelle Bachman, Jesus and The Devil

Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachman is either a liar or just a lunatic but either way it is still appalling how much attention the main stream media pays attention to her.  All this attention does is fatten her wallet and encourages her.

Her statements and actions become more and more outrageous as she gets closer to the end of her final term in the Congress.  Now, she is accusing the President of The United States of funding terrorists.  Is her insanity so deep that she is confusing Barack Obama with Ronald Reagan, has her warped mind gone back in time?

But, fear not because she is not all that bothered by the news the Barack/Ronald Obama/Reagan is giving arms to terrorists because it is a sign that the end days are coming. Jesus is on his way back to town and he is pissed.

I hope Fox News or MSNBC has a camera focused on the well dressed yet crazy woman from Minnesota in case Jesus does return.

I imagine it going something like this.

Jesus takes one look at her, checks his tablet and says

"Oh no Girlfriend you are NOT coming with me, you are going to stay right here where you are"

She looks around confused and begins to speak but Jesus raises his hand and continues

"See all those Gay people over there; they have voted you off Revelation Island, I have discussed the issue with my father and even he is convinced that you are beyond redemption."

The Congresswoman falls to her knees and begins to pray but Jesus says

"Who exactly are you praying to, I am standing right here?"

There is a ruckus to his right and out of the black clouds walks Dick Cheney and he says "She was praying to me"

Jesus just shakes his head and says "Dick you are such a little devil, Where's Liz?"

Liz Cheney appears from the dark smoke reaches down and pulls Mrs. Bachman to her feet and says "I am taking you to the promise land" 

Michelle with tears in her eyes walks through the black clouds, when she arrives on the other side she sees a sign.

Welcome to Iraq


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