Monday, October 21, 2013

Corbett; Pennsylvania is not New Jersey

Bowing to the political realities of the situation  NJ Governor Chris Christie has dropped his appeal of the court ruling allowing for marriage equality to be the law in the Garden State.

I'm sure once the Supreme Court refused to halt wedding until they ruled on the Governor's appeal in January was a pretty clear indication that Christie would have lost the appeal.  Not a great way to begin his second term or a presidential campaign.

Christie's strident opposition to marriage equality never seemed genuine and seemed out of character.  His words always seemed a bit forced and not genuine.  It was more like he was pandering to the far right on the issue.  Reality caught up to him and all the pandering in the world was not going to save him on this one.  The wave is too strong on this issue and in the end he just gave up.

So, now Pennsylvania is the only state in the Northeast to not recognize marriage equality.

When asked about the events in New Jersey Pennsylvania's brilliant Governor responded that's a different state with a different case.  Really? - New Jersey is a different state and the case before the NJ Supreme Court is not the same case making its way through the courts in Pennsylvania.  Thank you Governor Corbett - I had no idea.

Good G-d almighty he is so embarrassing.


  1. I just wish they'd legalize pot already...

  2. That's a little off topic don't you think?

  3. LOL.
    Actually, saying something out of the blue kind of IS "on the topic" of TOM CORBETT. ;o)

    1. Ha! It now makes complete sense....I think...Thanks for the clarification