Wednesday, November 6, 2013

de Blasio Overwhelms Lhota

It what was a stunning and far reaching victory for the left  and for the people of the City of New York; Democrat Bill de Blasio defeated Republican Joe Lhota by a 73.3% to 24.3%.  Mr. de Blasio largest margin came from the Bronx capturing 86.1% of the vote and he lost Staten Island by 53.2% - 44.2%.

The new Mayor's son Dante's afro is bigger than Staten Island so his loss there had not real impact.

The turnout in New York was a mere 24% which is pretty pathetic considering how important this election was.  Since there was never any doubt as to who the winner was going to be 76% of the over 4 million votes decided to find something else to do.

Mr. de Blasio is the first Democrat since David Dinkins, the first Brooklyn base Mayor in a very long time and in what was a significant break with tradition he held his election night party not in Manhattan but in Brooklyn.

Bill de Blasio is inheriting a mixed bag issues from Mayor Bloomberg.  Hopefully he will take advantage of all the good will and political capital generated by an election victory margin of such historic magnitude and get about the business of moving all of New York forward.

I look forward to watching the enormously likable family as they help their husband and father solve the many issues facing the world's greatest city.


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    1. I see - just an attempt at humor with no real point or link to the post. And the use of a name that is widely considered insulting to African Americans at best and racist at worst says a great deal about the person who posted it.