Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Speaker Can't Get Coverage & Russert Shills For Him


Boehner attempts to signup for Obamacare, it didn't go well:

NBC News ace super star reporter Luke Russert Tweeted a link to Speaker Boehner's web site  in which the man with tan recounts his attempt to sign up for coverage with the DC Health Care Exchange and according to the Speaker it did not go well.

The diligent Mr. Russert did not offer any independent verification that this actually happened.  It could have have been staged by the desperate Republican leader.

A number of things could have happened along the way that could have caused John Boehner some problems.

  1. John Boehner is a resident of Ohio and does not qualify for Health Care with the DC Exchange.
  2. Mr. Boehner's income is too high for coverage and he does not qualify.
  3. Mr. Boehner gets his health care paid for by his employer and does not qualify.
  4. Was Speaker Boehner sober?
  5. Why was John Boehner doing private and personal business on his employers time and using his employers computer.  That is grounds for firing in the private sector.
  6. The system was having one of its glitches.
Perhaps Luke Russert will offer a more full report tonight on the Evening News......or not.

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