Sunday, November 17, 2013

Afghanistan: Last Jew Standing

This story amazes me:

There is only one person left in Afghanistan who is Jewish.

Maybe I'm naive or maybe I live in this rarefied world where things like this are not feasible to me but how can a nation have only one Jewish person?

There have been Jews in that part of the world since there have been Jews.  There is documentation that goes back more than 2000 years.

Zabulon Simintov owns a once thriving cafe and catering service but the new Afghanistan that The United States has spent billions of dollars on and gave thousands of lives to "save" has turned its back on it's Jewish population and has made life unsafe for them.

Is this what we intended to happen?  Is this the Afghanistan of Dick Cheney's dreams? (maybe it is)


  1. actually, that story is sort of a novelty, there never was a large jewish population in afghanistan. the real story is in countries like iraq, egypt and iran, where over 100,000 jews in each country were hounded out after the creation of israel in 1948. although the world talks about palestinian refugees, there were close to a million jewish refugees from arab lands at that time.

    1. The Dour Buttinsky Mikey Molovinski I took a dump on the parkway this morning in your honor.

  2. It may be a novelty to you. It is true there is a larger story there always is.