Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Marriage Equality Comes to Hawaii & Illinois - What's Up With Pennsylvania?

Hawaii becomes the 15th state to join the campaign for this country to become a more perfect union.  On Dec. 2nd of this year marriage equality will become the law of our fiftieth.  We've been to the Aloha State 3 times and quite frankly I'm surprised it has taken this long.  It was far and the away the most open, warm, inviting and affirming place I have ever been.

It is estimated that marriage equality will bring and estimated $217 million to the states economy over the next 3 years.

Did you read this legislators in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?

Think of the boost to the Commonwealth's economy.  If you don't care about love, humanity, justice or decency I know that you do care about jobs and taxes collected.  If you can't pass marriage equality because you respect people at least do it for job creation in the Pocono's and other hot tourist areas.

So now the birth place of this great republic is being shown up by New Jersey which alone is horrendous, but now the youngest state and Illinois, really Philadelphia and Pittsburgh you are going to let Chicago make you look Birmingham.


  1. Perhaps the politicians don't want the un-natural sex acts and actors alike!

    1. Love is very natural and believe me there is no acting it is real!