Monday, November 4, 2013

It's all About Heart!


While at the doctor today the nurse took a mighty long time checking my blood pressure and pulse – I did not think much of it because @ 8:30 on a Monday – perhaps she was just groggy

Because this is a teaching practice I always have to be checked out by a student.  He does all the usual things, ask the usual questions and then spend a great deal of time listening as  I breath heavy in and out much longer than the usual chest listening.

Then the Doctor comes in, the usual small talk and catching up and he does his listening thing and it takes much longer than usual.

He gets done - looks at the student and then back at me.

"Well Donald your heart sounds unusual - not that I am really concerned but I want to do an EKG on you before your flu shot."

"OK!  Dr. L what is going on?"

"Well your heartbeat is inconsistent - as one pulse leave the third valve another one should be entering like boom---boom---boom---boom---boom "  

"Uh huh"

"Well your heart is more like one of the every now and then one of the pulses is faster than the previous ones more like boom---boom---boom---boomboom---boom---boom---boom---boomboom---boom---boom" 

My mouth falls open

"So I'm going to send the nurse in with the coldest hands and get you set up  for the EKG and then we'll discuss from there"

A few minutes I am getting hooked up and tested and yes her hands were corpse cold.  It goes quickly she rips off the stickers and leaves the room.  

Dr. L. comes back in  "Yep it's what I thought your heart beat has gotten a little irregular not sure why but it does not seem serious but I want you to keep an eye on it.  Have you noticed any chest pains or tightness lately?"

"I have noticed but it just seemed like the same symptoms of my anxiety attacks"

"OK if it happens again and you use your calming techniques and exercises and you still have some discomfort it is your heart"  "If it happens a lot you call me right away and we will go to the next step but right now is is so moderate and mild I am not concerned - it could just be a change "  "Get your blood work done so we can check that angle"

I don't smoke and never have, I eat right, I walk more than I drive, I have maintained a consistent weight but I need to cut the Red Bulls and if I want a little pick me up have a cup of coffee it is less concentrated - I don't drink a lot of coffee and my Red Bull intake goes in spurts I can go days, weeks without one.

So there you have it in Dr. L. words - "It just looks like your heart loves you more than it used to"  "I am going to find a rusty needle and come back in with your flu shot"  "See you in 6 months"


  1. Well there's that then. Could be time to full embrace your inner Anglophile and start drinking tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Just ordering it goes with your scarves. And it's what us smug people drink when we want to show our superiority to others. ;)

    Seriously... take care of yourself.

    1. Thanks - I do love Earl Grey Tea - This has made me more aware about what my body is trying to tell me. Thanks for reading and commenting and for the good wishes