Sunday, November 10, 2013

Controversy & Gore Vidal - Perfect Together

As was often the case during his life Gore Vidal  stirred the pot and enjoyed the resulting controversy.  Now about a year after his death Mr. Vidal's decision to give his entire estate to Harvard.

The great American author and cultural critic original will left everything to his partner of over 50 years Howard Austen.  After Mr. Austen's death Gore Vidal changed the will.  Now some distant and not so distant family members are challenging the will in court.

I started to read the comments but they got to be too much. Even the great New York Times attracts trolls.

I have always found Gore Vidal fascinating and I have tried to read every word he has written (I'm sure I missed a few).  Some of his writings pulled me through the coming out process and other writings entertained me and yet others provoked emotions and often caused me to rethink they way I looked at an issue.

Because it is Gore Vidal it is a story the fascinates the writers and editors of The New York Times and me.

I'll provide updates as they occur.

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