Thursday, November 21, 2013

Should We Drug Test Congress?

A rising star in the Tea Bagging movement US Congressman Trey Radel, GOP (of course) of Florida (of course) was busted and has now plead guilty for cocaine possession .

Mr Radel will be entering rehab in order to deal with his problem has of course apologized to his wife, his family and his country.  He will not be resigning and he will be donating his salary to charity while he is away from his official duties.  Of course he top of the line tax payer funded health care plan will be footing the bill for his stay.

Mr. Radel once voted to drug test all applicants for public assistance in order to protect the taxpayer.

Should we drug and alcohol test members of Congress to protect the taxpayer?  I suspect that it would never happen because Congressional Leaders don't really want to know how many of their members have a problem.

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