Sunday, November 10, 2013

Palin Says She is Not a Racist and More

The half term former Governor of Alaska who somehow thinks she has all the answers to the nations problems even though she has not done anything other than get rich over the last five years has made another "I am not a racist" racially charged comment.

The insufferably dumb Sister Sarah has compared the national debt to slavery because it is all the Black President's fault. Even though study after study has shown that the debt is always larger under Republican Presidents than it is under Democratic Presidents.

In other news she is opening her let's make money off of nothing tour in our community on Tuesday.  I am going to welcome her by doing the thing she hates.

I am going to ignore her!

What would you do if Sarah Palin brings her lack of substance to your area?

Locals, what are you going to do to welcome this national embarrassment to our home turf?

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