Monday, November 4, 2013

ENDA - Will it Ever Become Law?

I appears the Senate is about to end debate and vote  on a bill that will prevent me from getting fired just because my guy is my guy.

In Pennsylvania not only can I not get married but if my employer did not like the fact that I was gay he/she could fire me.

Below is what some Senators have had to deal with in regards to this issue. Clearly the opponents of justice know they are on the wrong side of history so they have to make up unbelievable foolishness to try to sway people.

"One senator recalled having to explain to a colleague that the legislation would not require insurance companies to pay for sex-change operations. Another spoke of phone calls from constituents who were convinced that their children could be taught in school by men wearing dresses. And conservative groups like the Family Research Council are warning their supporters that the bill would force Christian bookstores to hire drag performers."

This is the extent that people who are afraid of love will go.   

What are they afraid of?

It appears that ENDA will pass the Senate it's fate is less than hopeful in the House.

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