Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weiner Blames...........

He just won't go away!

Former Congressman & New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner  is of course blaming the media for his failed effort.  Not his disgusting habit of flinging his dingy on Twitter.  Not his weird penchant for cheating not cheating on his wife via social media.

He is blaming the reporter for the New York Times who wrote the piece that he used as launch pad for his campaign.

Why is he blaming Jonathan Van Meter?

The reporter did not ask him enough questions about his "problem".  If only the reporter had continued to ask more questions about Anthony's penchant for sharing his penis we would have known that he had only stopped doing it a few days ago. Then he would not have had to interrupt his campaign to tell us that he just stopped showing his stuff a couple of weeks ago.

So, there you have it.

If the NYT reporter had been as obsessed about Weiner's weenie as Weiner was/is the campaign would have been successful and instead of celebrating the honest and sincere Bill de Blasio winning a historic victory as Mayor of the most important city on the planet we would be welcoming a really weird guy as New York's Mayor.

Northampton County Executive Race Pt. 1

It's the week before Pennsylvania's municipal elections and we are about to elect a new County Executive.

Republican, John Brown seems to be following almost the same approach against Democrat, John Callahan that the two men he defeated with over 50%  of vote in the primary.  If it did not work before why would it work now?

The the big difference between the primary and the general is that Mr. Brown is attempting to not be entirely negative.  He has a positive message on one side of his mailer whereas the other Democrats only sent out negative mailers.

The most patently untrue claim is that John Callahan voted to raise his own salary 4 times.

That is against the law in Pennsylvania...It is illegal for office holder to raise their own salary while they are in office.

What Mr. Callahan may have voted to raise the salary of the people who would win office in the next election.  If he was to be the winner of that next election so be it but it would be a different term and therefore he is eligible to receive that raise.

Mr. Brown claims in his mailer that:
He NEVER raised taxes as during his tenure as Mayor of Bangor 
He Cut taxes, balanced the budget and streamlined government operations
Turned the borough's projected into a nearly $1 million SURPLUS

These really are some "fuzzy math" claims about about his record and I am trying to figure out how he accomplished them since the Mayor of a Borough in Pennsylvania has no real authority to govern.  The day to day operation of a borough falls to the Manager and the he/she reports directly to the Borough Council via the Council President.  All financial decisions are made through council and that includes taxing and spending.  The Mayor has no vote on any of these issues he can participate in the discussion if he so desires.

When problems arise in the Borough it up to council to resolve them, in fact if the Mayor is made aware of a problem he is required to report the issue to the council.  A Borough Mayor can only vote on an issue before council if there is a tie and he presides over the Council meeting when the members gather to elect new officers.

I have no doubt Mr. Brown is a good guy and everything I have read and heard about me leads me to believe that he has a bright future in politics if he so chooses it.  But, when I read these claims of his campaign they raised a red flag and I had to research them to find out the facts.

I have attached Borough Mayors Manual created by the Governor's Center for Local Government Services.

It Is My Destiny!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Standing in a Circle and Firing

It fills me with great joy to watch circular pissing match that is the national Republican Party.  Even Grover Norquist is attacking Ted Cruz.

Senator Cruz may very well bring about the death of the party.  If he continues to not get his way will he take the extremists with him to a new party.  There are many in the Tea Bagger movement who are disgusted with both parties they just are more disgusted with the party lead by a black guy.

I predict that if the Republican Party nominates another Romney / McCain type in 2016 the crazies will leave the party and try to resurrect the Dixiecrats.

Historic Numbers In NYC Mayors Race

If recent polls are to be believed  the next Mayor of  New York City will elected by an historic margin .  Bill de Blasio the city's current Public Advocate is leading his Republican opponent by 45 points and he has been leading Joseph Lhota since the general election began in September.

When I first saw that stunning margin a few weeks ago I thought that it would be impossible to maintain that type of historic margin, races usually tighten but this race does not seem to be tightening.

There has been a Republican in the Mayor's seat for 20 years, though Bloomberg was a Democrat before he changed parties to run for Mayor and in the end he governed like an independent. Mr. de Blasio is an old time traditional progressive and won the primary by building a strong coalition of the support across all the Democratic leaning constituencies.  He is not the most charismatic campaigner but compared to Mr. Lhota he is Bill Clintonesque.  It has not helped that Lhota has promised to keep all the most hated policies of the Giuliani and Bloomberg years.

With a week to go before New Yorker's head to the polls so it is likely that  Bill de Blasio will be the next Mayor the only question is whether his election margin will be record breaking.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Callahan Endorsed by E-T - My Own Endorsement Coming Soon

I am not convinced that newspaper endorsement have an effect on the outcome of an election or that people take it into consideration when voting but getting an editorial board endorsement is better than not getting one.

The newspaper of record for Northampton County The Express - Times / LehighValleyLive has endorsed my friend and excellent Mayor John Callahan for Northampton County Executive.

I will be blogging this week about who I am voting for and why and we all know that my endorsement is the kiss of death so important to the masses that I am sure you will all be waiting on pins and needles for my inspired pronouncements.

Since I have been accused of thinking I am better than most people, I am compelled by my own sense of over blown grandeur & self importance to tell you all how to vote.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stunning Comment About The President & his Daughters

Failed California Libertarian candidate and rabid political activist Jules Manson posted  "Assassinate the fucken nigger and his monkey children" on his Facebook page, he was of course referring to the President of the United States and his two daughters. He has of course taken the post down and closed his FB page but of course nothing really goes away once it is posted on the interwebs.

According to The New York Daily News the Secret Service visited this low life.  Manson claims the Secret Service is satisfied that he is not an actual threat to the President but a spokes person for the Secret Service is saying the investigation is still open.

I wonder if Fox News or even members of the main stream media will cover this incident with any serious reporting?  If Fox does cover it I sure it will be from a freedom of speech perspective and the MSM will just give it "in other news" treatment.

I know that not everyone who opposes the President is a racist but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that those who aren't are a distinct minority.  The level of disrespect this President is shown is more deep than just a broken and polarized electoral system.

But, on second thought maybe it is really only skin deep.


Friday, October 25, 2013

The Deflowering of Mr. Pettet

Clayton Pettet will not be call this number he has a better idea

A 19 year old British art student giving up his preciousness  for his art.  Actually Clayton Pettet will be having full on sex on stage and giving up his "virginity" in front of an audience.

Young Mr. Pettet says he has been thinking since he was 16 about the best way to make this special moment even more special.  The art student and another unidentified young man with take to the stage and have sex until completion.

Mr. Pettet wants to question how society defines "virginity".  He says it means different things to people in his case he defines losing his virginity by becoming the receptive partner during anal intercourse.

The articles I have read about this have not disclosed a place, date or time.  I assuming that Clayton Pettet's official deflowering will take place in London.

I will update you when I learn more details.

LIKE A VIRGIN by Madonna

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wacky Westboro Protesting MLB

You know that in-bred family only church , Westboro Baptist, is planning to protest games 3 and 4 of this years World Series because the fans of both teams worship false idols

The Cardinal fans caused the tornado's that destroyed Joplin in 2011 and the Red Sox fans caused the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this year.

And of course Major League Baseball has a "Fag Agenda".

Some Westboro protests and the people that mock them

Next on MSNBC Ronan Farrow

He may or may not be the  son of Frank Sinatra.
He is the son of Mia Farrow
He graduated from Bard 15 and Yale Law at 21
He was appointed Special Assistant to Sec. of State Hillary Clinton in 2011
And now at the age of 25 is about to be the next big thing on MSNBC.

Ladies and gentlemen Ronan Farrow is going to all over the left of center chat network very soon.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cory Booker Marries People

Soon to be Senator and current Newark Mayor  Cory Booker performed some of the first marriage under New Jersey's new marriage equality status.

During the ceremony Senator Elect Booker was forced to smack down a heckler which was brilliant.  But my favorite part was at the end when Mr. Booker said "You may kiss your spouse" and then said "You may hug your Mayor".  It was really quite touching.

Cory Booker is a good man - I hope he can make a difference in his new role.

Corbett; Pennsylvania is not New Jersey

Bowing to the political realities of the situation  NJ Governor Chris Christie has dropped his appeal of the court ruling allowing for marriage equality to be the law in the Garden State.

I'm sure once the Supreme Court refused to halt wedding until they ruled on the Governor's appeal in January was a pretty clear indication that Christie would have lost the appeal.  Not a great way to begin his second term or a presidential campaign.

Christie's strident opposition to marriage equality never seemed genuine and seemed out of character.  His words always seemed a bit forced and not genuine.  It was more like he was pandering to the far right on the issue.  Reality caught up to him and all the pandering in the world was not going to save him on this one.  The wave is too strong on this issue and in the end he just gave up.

So, now Pennsylvania is the only state in the Northeast to not recognize marriage equality.

When asked about the events in New Jersey Pennsylvania's brilliant Governor responded that's a different state with a different case.  Really? - New Jersey is a different state and the case before the NJ Supreme Court is not the same case making its way through the courts in Pennsylvania.  Thank you Governor Corbett - I had no idea.

Good G-d almighty he is so embarrassing.

Another School Shooting

So!  Just another school day in the United States of America.

12 year old child  walks into school with a semi-automatic weapon - blows away a teacher, shots two of his fellow students and then takes his own life.

And, the nation yawns.

I don't know what to say anymore.  I don't know what to think anymore.

What the hell people I mean really what the hell?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"By a Tyrant, not a President" - These People are Insane

Extreme right wing former Congressman Allen West took to his facebook page to call the President of the United States a tyrant because Mr. Obama refused to cave into Teabagger threats to our nations financial and economic future.

Mr. West claims that the ACA (Affordable Care Act) is not the law of the land and it was forced on the nation "by a tyrant, not a President.

Of course the ACA was passed by both houses of Congress, signed into law by the President of the United States, so yes indeed it is the law.  When the law was challenged by such great legal minds as Gov. Tom Corbett of my home state all the way to the Supreme Court where the law was held as constitutional and thus it remained the law of the land.  I don't know if Mr. West was in a coma or on some really wild drugs during the past few years and missed all that but sorry crazy man but it is the law of the land.

And, then there was an election and one guy said keep the law and the other guy said get rid of the law. Perhaps someone forgot to tell the former Congressman but the guy who wanted to keep the law won pretty big.

The former Florida Congressman has been getting more and more vocal lately last week he called President Obama  a spoiled brat and pathological liar.  Perhaps he is looking for a gig on Glenn Beck's The Blaze dot com.  Or maybe he's just trying to be more coarse, more ridiculous and to cheapen the nation's political discourse more than Ann Coulter.

These folks are mad and I do not mean in an angry sort if way.

Santorum; Hating The Gays Tour Continues

Here we go again!

Nothing about "hot man on dog action' but more of the usual over the top rhetoric from former Pennsylvania Senator and delusional presidential hopeful Little Ricky Santorum .

While speaking before a GOP Leadership conference the man who has an unhealthy obsession about homosexuality made some outrageous claims.  But, he makes claims like this so often they are almost getting boring.

Homophobia was going along just fine until Will & Grace came on TV.

By saying this Santorum is confirming that visibility has helped gay people's treatment in society - or To know us is to Love us.

Christians are afraid of speaking out because they are afraid of being branded haters and bigots.

Well, if ya'll go against the teaching of Jesus Christ and preach hate instead of love maybe you area a bigoted hater.  Santorum is also hinting at the extreme right wing fear that Christianity is going to become illegal.

If Republicans support marriage equality they are supporting the destruction of the nation.

So if I legally marry the guy I have been with for almost 30 years this great republic will be destroyed.  Sorry Senator Pervert your hateful view of the world is causing more damage to the freedoms and sense of justice that built this nation than my love.

But, this great nation is stronger than pathetic, evil, small minded little obsessive prigs.

I wish I knew the real reason Richard John Santorum was so obsessed with this issue.  What happened in his life to make this such a focus?


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Frank Deford Top 12 list

The great sports writer Frank Deford opines further on topics he has already discussed .

He gives short hits on paying big time college athletes, Pete Rose & the Hall of Fame, children playing tackle football and so much more.

In fact the list goes on longer than 12 items.  It is classic Frank Deford and of course I agreed with every point.

There are few writers as consistently good or as interesting as Mr. Deford.


Ambassador Kennedy

Despite all the chaos and foolishness this week Senators voted on other issues .

This vote was unanimous.

The Senate confirmed the President's nomination of Caroline Kennedy is to be Ambassador to Japan.

Congratulations to Ambassador Caroline Kennedy.

caroline kennedy confirmed

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sen. Cory Booker

Newark Mayor and Democratic superstar  Cory Booker has been elected to the Senate.

When "The Chosen One" gets elected to the Senate he/she can follow two different paths. Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz.  Hillary went along to get along and she held back a bit so she could learn the ways of the Senate and develop relationships.  You've all watched Ted Cruz for the last 10 months.

I predict Cory Booker will be a hybrid much like Barack Obama was; respectful, deferential but not passing up any opportunity to find his way to a camera or microphone and there is no doubt he will be very much in demand on the fundraising circuit.

I am thrilled Mr. Booker is going to Washington, we need more thoughtful young people in Washington.

Well done you! Cory Booker

At the end of the campaign Sarah Palin came in to campaign for Mr. Booker's extremist opponent and as usual Sarah Palin's participation in a general election either has no impact or a negative impact on the race.

When are Republicans going to acknowledge Mrs. Palin is worthless?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A New Company From Sondheim

American musical theater divinity Stephen Sondheim is revising his iconic 1970 musical Company. with the help of director John Tiffany.  The show which swept the Tony awards after it's initial opening went on to win revival Tony's in 1995 and again in 2007.

Many theater writers and show fans have often thought if we followed Bobby's life beyond the place where Mr. Sondheim and book writer George Furth left him his struggles with relationships and women was because he was really struggling with his sexuality we would find that Bobby really was gay.

Mr. Sondheim has decided to follow that path with this re-write - changing the gender of some of the characters and some of the song lyrics and dialogue.  One significant change is the character Joanne who will forever be linked to Elaine Stritch who sings "The Ladies Who Lunch" was played by Tony winner Alan Cummings during recent readings.

The Roundabout Theater Company is considering bringing this new version to the stage in the future