Monday, July 1, 2013

4th of July Kazoo Parade in Nazareth, Pa

For the 9th straight year a crowd of people will march through Nazareth, starting at the High School they will  head into downtown, walk around the very charming Nazareth circle and head down Main Street and end up in Borough Council Chambers.  All the while playing or trying to play a kazoo.

 For the past few years I have had every good intention to wake up a little early and head to Nazareth to be part of this charming event and every year I wake up early and go "I think I just want to stay home and rest.  I am not sure what this year will bring but if you are not lazy and want to join in the fun head to Nazareth, PA...Kazoos will be provided by the sponsors.  The Nazareth-Bath Area Chamber of Commerce and Lafayette Ambassador Bank.

The Official Announcement

From Lehigh Valley Live / The Express Times


  1. We did this our first year in Bethlehem. I grew up with very big 4th of July parades; summer marching band programs in my youth. Was totally surprised that this area did not have a substantial Independence Day parade like what I grew up with. Guess all the energy went into Mummers.

    Loved the small community, the small crowd. The amazing feeling of community gathering.

    1. Thanks for the comment
      I never really thought about how low key the 4th is around here. Some year I really should attend the Kazoo Parade

  2. Dear Donald,, maybe you'll come out for the 10th Annual Nazareth/Bath Area July 4th Independence Day Kazoo Parade.
    I'll drive all the way from Woodstock, NY to play and sing
    for you, along with honoring some of our eldest veterans and hear the voices of the kids singing to them songs of respect
    and dignity, (the Dream Kids are worth the trip)!!
    ~ Hope to see you there July 4th, 2014. Come on, get up off
    that rocking chair and join in on the celebration.
    Sincerely, Abbe "Miss G" Graber ~ Kazoo Lady of Woodstock

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! It's not so much being old just lazy...

  3. I'll go with you next year Donald. I also want to go, but need someone to say, "Let's do it!!" Jane

    1. Thanks Jane for reading and commenting - I really should go and now with the extra guilt being thrown at me from Abbe Graber - I feel as if I must attend next year!