Friday, July 5, 2013

Why are Conservatives So Obsessed With Gay Sex

Why are conservatives so obsessed with gay sex?

Why do they spend so much time thinking about the carnal relations between two men and or two women?

Why do the elected ones spend so much of the public's time and money talking about, thinking about and trying to do something about the homosexual agenda?

When someone mentions gay people why do they immediately go to really dark, dirty and sick places?  Man on Dog, pedophile activity, polygamy, rape and any thing else disgusting they can think of.

Why is it that Little Ricky Santorum always talks like a pervert when homosexuality comes up?

10 years ago Justice Scalia all but predicted the end of the world if sodomy laws were outlawed.  And, now his reaction  was the same when the question was "Can the federal government discriminate against people who are in a relationship with someone of the same gender?"  He decided that the federal government can discriminate.  He went to the same dark and dirty place that Little Ricky, the creepy Tony Perkins and the just weird Pat Robertson always go - butt sex.

What would Freud make of all this?

The latest entry in this awfulness is none other than the son of Justice Scalia - who takes his vow of poverty, charity and love and works to cause great harm to people who are just trying to come to terms with themselves.


  1. I love your sentence...."What would Freud make of all this?" Fantastic. It is opinion is love is love....why should it matter if the couple are two different races, two different religions or the same sex?!?! It does seem that the conservatives are overly preoccupied with all the gay cliches. Liberals spend a lot of time dwelling on this topic as well. Not in the negative way that the conservatives do, but they too seem to be dwelling on it. It shouldnt even be a damn discussion. Humans should have every right to marry another human.
    I try to keep up to date with the goings on and the right to gay marriage is just one of the many things I am passionate about. I come from a family of democrats, so I hear their opinions very often. I have my own opinions on opinions are neither liberal nor conservative. Which I have been told disappoints my family. I have voiced my opinion and have been told that I "was raised better than that". Raised better than what? Being an open-minded and strong willed person? Shesh.
    Anyway, I digress.....I am with you 100% on this topic. Something needs to be done, and then the topic should be dropped. I am sure little Ricky is just waiting for the right time to step out of his closet. Hope to see it when it happens.

    1. Thanks for commenting

      An open mind is the best we can hope and ask for. I certainly have a perspective but I am willing to learn and willing to listen. "was raised better than that" has been used on me as well but it was not about social or political issues it was more about some behavior they viewed as destructive and I viewed recreational